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Pearson PLC (PSO), the publisher of the financial times, announced that its 2008 profit increased by 4% from a year ago and said it would increase its dividend

the company reported that its net profit rose to 323 million pounds in 2008 (about $459 million). Nike also focused on innovation, compared with 310million pounds a year ago

the company said it was prepared to increase its annual dividend by 7% to 33.8 pence

Marjorie scardino, CEO of the company, warned that the economic situation next year was still very bad, but the profit in 2009 was expected to be at least equal to that in 2008

we don't think the economic environment will improve in the near future, but our company will maintain a strong and enterprising spirit, she said in a statement

the annual revenue increased by 16% over last year to 4.8 billion pounds, and the pre tax profit increased by 25% to 585million pounds

the profit of the financial times group increased by 13% to 195million pounds. The group includes the financial times and interactive data, a financial information company. Its Penguin publishing organization's profit increased by 4% to £ 93million

the company predicts that the situation of the U.S. educational publishing industry is still not optimistic, but its examination, higher education and international education business will continue to increase due to the rebound in scrap prices in some regions

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