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It is difficult to define the measurement standard and restrict excessive packaging as a problem

in the face of all kinds of over luxurious commodity packaging, many consumers often find it difficult to understand: is it the commodity itself or the commodity packaging? It is understood that at present, there are no specific laws and regulations in the commodity packaging industry to restrict the growing "over packaging"; The fact that many packaging standards are difficult to define is the main reason why the packaging industry is difficult to legislate and has excellent film forming ability

"over packaging" why emerge in endlessly

yesterday, I visited several large shopping malls and supermarkets in the provincial capital and found that the vast majority of goods almost have the phenomenon of luxury packaging. According to Jinan Packaging Technology Association, the so-called "excessive packaging" is mainly manifested in the excessive volume of packaging, excessive use of packaging materials, and luxurious interior decoration

many dealers told that many consumers buy goods not for personal consumption, but for the need of gifts. At this time, the luxury packaging of goods has become a special demand. The corresponding consumer demand gave birth to the market

relevant experts believe that the key to the final recognition of commodities by consumers lies in the quality of commodities, rather than the packaging of products. There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of packaging, but it is important to have a degree

some people in the packaging industry said that there was the possibility of huge profits behind "excessive packaging". Zhao Peizhong, Deputy Secretary General of Jinan Packaging Technology Association, believes that "excessive packaging" has problems such as waste of packaging materials and environmental pollution. The way to curb excessive packaging is to issue industry regulations and regulate the whole process of packaging

lack of regulations "condone" excessive packaging

but the waste of "excessive packaging" has encountered the lack of laws and regulations. Zhao Peizhong, deputy secretary general, said that at present, the relevant laws and regulations in the packaging industry are still blank. "The lack of laws and regulations objectively contributed to the atmosphere of excessive packaging to a certain extent." An insider said. It is understood that not only laws and regulations are lacking, but also the packaging industry has not formed some industry practices to curb excessive packaging in terms of specific content such as the material of commodity packaging and the value ratio of packaging to commodities

it is understood that for the limitation of excessive packaging, the international packaging industry has an industry practice that the package can resist stress and fatigue, and the packaging value does not exceed 20% of the commodity value, which can be used for reference by the domestic packaging industry. "But just because it is industry practice, it has no binding force on excessive packaging.". Zhao Peizhong, deputy secretary general, said

relevant experts believe that the formulation of 8.0 specific and detailed laws and regulations will guide the packaging industry to the track of legalization and standardization, and the waste of excessive packaging can be limited from the source

however, according to Jinan Packaging Technology Association, previously, the Packaging Technology Association had formulated management measures for commodity packaging, but the management measures have been delayed due to the lack of support from relevant administrative departments. "In the final analysis, the packaging technology association is only an association with no right to issue policies."

it is difficult to define the packaging standard, which hinders the legislation.

during the interview, many product dealers have repeatedly "wronged". An agent said that it was obviously unreasonable for all luxury packaging to be classified as excessive packaging. Some consumers like high-end packaging purely for gift giving, which should be a normal demand. "The high-end gift box of moon cakes was fried badly some time ago, but when tea and red wine were put into the box, it was not a simple commodity like moon cakes. Was this over packaging?" A food dealer in Ginza shopping mall thinks so

although legislation is imminent, the introduction of legislation is plagued by the unclear concept of "excessive packaging", packaging standards, specifications and styles in the packaging industry. Many insiders believe that these difficult to define and vague standards cannot be clear, and the legislation is very "difficult"

Deputy Secretary General Zhao told that it was crucial to distinguish between packages and products to determine whether a package was "excessive packaging". But the problem is that there is no clear judgment standard in the packaging industry. "This situation mainly exists in washing and chemical products, because many packages of washing and chemical products have their own use functions."

this kind of plastic granulator equipment in the industry causes serious environmental pollution. Insiders also believe that even if this standard can be formulated, it is difficult to say whether it can be applied to the high, medium and low grades of goods

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