The hottest MCU is not equal to CPU. Do you really

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SCM is not equal to CPU. Do you really understand

I believe many people don't know what a single chip microcomputer is. I don't know what the function of SCM is. Single chip microcomputer is abbreviated as microcontroller. It is not a chip that completes a certain logic function, but integrates a computer system into a chip, which is equivalent to a microcomputer, because it was first used in the field of industrial control. Single chip microcomputer is developed from ECG sensor, a special processor with only CPU in the chip. The earliest design idea was to integrate a large number of peripheral devices and CPUs into a chip, making the computer system smaller and easier to integrate into complex and strict control devices. Intel's Z80 is the first processor designed according to this idea. Since then, the development of single chip microcomputer and special processor has gone their separate ways

as we all know, our computers are mainly composed of central processing unit CPU (for operation and control), random access memory RAM (data storage), memory ROM (program storage), input/output device i/o (serial port, parallel output port, etc.). Installed on a printed circuit board called motherboard, it is our personal computer

it is easy to recognize the single chip microcomputer as a whole divided into four parts. There is no need to spend more money to buy microcomputer controlled ones. After these things (CPU, hard disk, memory, motherboard, etc.) are done with integrated blocks, as shown in the figure below:

has become the "single chip microcomputer" we want to learn. In the internal of a single chip, CPU, hard disk, memory, motherboard and so on are different names

1)CPU(Central Processing Unit)。 It is the core component of MCU, including arithmetic unit and controller. Arithmetic unit is both arithmetic logic. With the tightening of environmental protection policies, domestic small and medium-sized production enterprises are struggling. Its function is to carry out arithmetic and logic operations. The controller is generally composed of instruction register, instruction decoder, sequential circuit and control circuit. Its function is to complete fetching instructions, decode instructions into various micro operations and execute instructions, and control all parts of the computer to work orderly at the same time

cpu internal diagram

2) the memory in the computer is called data memory or random access memory in the single chip microcomputer. It is represented by RAM (random access memory). Its function is to store intermediate results of operations, data temporary storage and buffering, flag bits, etc. Features: data will be lost after power failure

program memory

3) the hard disk in the computer, in the single chip microcomputer, is called program memory, also known as read-only memory. It is represented by ROM (read only memory). Its function is similar to that of hard disk, which is used to store user programs. Features: no data loss after power failure

4) i/o "motherboard" of input/output device is called i/o (input/output device) in single chip microcomputer. Of course, it also includes serial port, parallel port, timer, timer, etc

MCU has been widely used in many fields, such as intelligent instruments, real-time industrial control, communication equipment, navigation system, household appliances, etc. Once the indentation diameter (L) machine on the surface of the sample is measured by a single piece, all kinds of products can be upgraded. The adjective "intelligent" is often prefixed to the product name, such as intelligent washing machine. Therefore, the study, development and application of single chip microcomputer will create a group of scientists and engineers in computer application and intelligent control

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