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MD foods adopts Terra Rex triangle top carton packaging

md foods enjoys the exclusive right of cavendole sterilization method through an agreement with Parmalat, a Canadian dairy company, on whether the fire surface of the sample is to test whether the host is powered on or not. All kinds of 1-liter full-fat and semi skimmed dairy products are packed in terra Rex triangle top carton with earth sealing screw cap, For 2-liter full fat and semi skimmed dairy products, Tetra Pak white plastic bottles engraved with purfiltre logo are used. MD foods now uses the bottle cap provided by BERICAP, so as to best play the role of packaging while ensuring anti-theft, product shelf life, easy for consumers to open and avoid leakage. The 38mm single head screw cap with his seal produced by BERICAP is suitable for plastic bottles. The color of these two series of anti-theft covers is very coordinated with the oil cylinder base, which matches the design style of the package. The caps of the two packages are white and marked with green or purple printing, representing semi skimmed and full fat dairy products respectively

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