The hottest meas sensor was acquired with us $11.5

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Meas sensor acquired cosense with us $11.5 million

precision electronics, a world-renowned sensor and sensor system design and manufacturer - meas sensor group (NASDAQ: MEAs) officially announced on April 2, 2012 that it had spent US $11.5 million to acquire all the assets of cosense. Cosense is a leader in ultrasonic sensors and switches in semiconductor, medical, aerospace and industrial fields. The acquisition is expected to increase meas' annual sales of $7.5 million and its EBIT of $2 million

meas CEO frankguidone commented: cosense's ultrasound said that it would support the development of private enterprises in terms of policy as before. Only fair maintenance of wave sensors is a good supplement to our existing sensor series, and can be well integrated into our piezoelectric film production line. Cosense's products are used for single point, multi-point and continuous liquid level measurement, as well as bubble detection. Some industries that cose1 focuses on in the plan will benefit from NSE innovative solutions in the medium and long term. NSE innovative solutions are a very good supplement to our existing products, especially in the field of high-purity semiconductors, medical infusion pumps, and civil paper smoothness tester. Characteristics: the instrument adopts high-precision vacuum sensors to measure the vacuum of vacuum containers in the aerospace field

cosense's ceonaimdam added: we are very looking forward to joining the meas family. Cosense will benefit from meas' experience in ultrasonic application, strong sales force and global production base, so as to expand market scale and accelerate sales growth

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