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American meas sensor recently launched ms45xx series pressure sensor

precision electronics - American meas sensor (nasdaq: MEAs) is a leading sensor design and manufacturer in the world. The newly developed pressure sensor ms45xx series meeting ROHS certification is packaged with 9.9mm 12.4mm ceramic substrate and 8-pin PCB, and the measurement range is from 0~30 inch water column to 150psi. This product series has two kinds of amplified output (ms4515, ms4515) and digital output (ms4515do, ms4525do). The digital output is equipped with I2C and SPI interfaces. It provides 14 bit pressure output and 11 bit temperature output at the same time. Ms45xx series products adopt the latest CMOS sensor elements and regulating circuits, which have the characteristics of low cost and high performance. Through the reducer and lead screw, the movable beam is driven up or down, which can meet the strict requirements of OEM customers

ms45xx series has undergone full-scale correction and temperature compensation, and the total error within the temperature compensation range is less than 1.0%. The sensor is solid and durable. It is powered by a 3.3 or 5.0vdc single power supply. It has a side pressure pipe or a top pressure pipe B. the relative humidity is not greater than 85%, which is convenient for operation%; Various installation methods such as pressure pipe can measure individual composite particles on the injection molding machine, adding a layer of complexity to measure differential pressure, gauge pressure, absolute pressure and mixing pressure. Ms45xx series adopts two pin structures: DIL (through hole, J-type pin) and SIL (through hole). 1/8 impulse pipe is used together with 3/32 [2.4mm] ID pipe. The product design is flexible, and the accuracy, pressure range, output mode or working temperature range can be customized according to the requirements of OEM customers. The typical power consumption of ms4525 digital output type is 0.6 a, which is the best choice for low-power battery powered equipment

OEMs customers with strict safety requirements can rely on the on-board diagnostic program of ms45xx to ensure the integrity of the whole system. Ms45xx series products are widely used in filter blockage detection, height and air velocity measurement, medical instruments, fire extinguishing systems, panel instruments, factory automation and leak detection

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