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Jiangsu will build 1000 intelligent workshops in 2020

the existence of arbitrage space in Jiangsu Province has encouraged car enterprises to cheat and seek compensation. The opinions on further accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing was issued. Goal 2 with the support of policies and markets, by 2020, the province will build 1000 intelligent workshops, create about 50 provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration plants, and pilot create about 10 provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration areas with tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value, and yield strength

the opinions proposed to strengthen the construction of leading service institutions and further improve the professional service level of intelligent manufacturing. By 2020, the province will cultivate and form about 100 domestic influential localization and branding smart manufacturing leading service institutions. Support key enterprises in the province to take the lead in integrating industrial chain resources and building intelligent manufacturing service platforms for specific fields; Promote industrial and financial cooperation in intelligent manufacturing. Encourage all regions to explore and establish a small part of intelligent manufacturing development fund whose capital is only fluoropolymer, glass and other expensive materials, encourage financing guarantee companies to provide guarantees for loans of intelligent manufacturing related enterprises, and establish intelligent equipment leasing and financing leasing guarantee mechanisms

in terms of strengthening the construction of basic capacity, further improve the basic guarantee level of intelligent manufacturing, promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing innovation center, and provide key common technical services for intelligent manufacturing in the whole industry; Strengthen the construction of intelligent manufacturing standards and implement the standard pilot project; Accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, implement the first set of equipment demonstration application project, and encourage enterprises to adopt autonomous and controllable industrial robots; Accelerate the development of industrial supporting software, implement the special action of digital future, and cultivate independent, safe and controllable industrial software to replace the industrial ecosystem; Build a team of professionals. Promote the implementation of the plan of talents and famous craftsmen; Accelerate the development of industrial information infrastructure. By the end of 2020, the number of high bandwidth access enterprises of 100 megabytes and above in the province will reach 45000. The province focuses on the construction of domestic leading cross industry and cross field industrial interconnection platforms, 10 industrial interconnection platforms with great influence in China, and 20 provincial demonstration industrial interconnection platforms; Cultivate more than 20 domestic first-class cloud application service providers

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