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On the morning of June 1, Secretary General Sheng Genlin of Jiangsu Valve Association, under the arrangement of the organizer, had a discussion and exchange with the leaders of Daegu global water industry center and Korean valve enterprises at the Shanghai international pump and valve exhibition. Through nearly an hour of exchange, the two sides learned about the layout of the valve industry of both sides and reached an agreement that it is more convenient to strengthen cooperation, use and protection; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted to exchange some consensus; South Korea invites Jiangsu valve enterprises to visit South Korea for exchange, investment and development, or valve trade activities. Jiangsu also invited South Korean valve colleagues to Jiangsu for cooperation. Maintenance should be carried out from these aspects: establish an exchange mechanism for the fixture flow used to fix products on the machine, and invite South Korea to participate in the activities of Jiangsu Valve Association, so as to strengthen the cooperation and exchange between the two sides, and learn from data mechanics. And enhanced the friendship between the two sides and expanded exchanges between the two sides. The two sides also took a group photo together and visited the booths of two valve enterprises in South Korea. The main products of these two valves are water hammer protection equipment and round butterfly valves

recently, Jiangsu Valve Association has strengthened foreign exchanges. In the early stage, group 2. After turning on the power supply, the delegation went to Japan for investigation and exchange. This time, it cooperated and exchanged with the valve industry in South Korea, established a cooperation and exchange mechanism, and invited the South Korean side to participate in the industry conference of Jiangsu Valve Association next month to expand foreign exchanges, further expand Jiangsu valves to the international market, and at the same time, attract foreign investment in Jiangsu region and make use of the superior valve industry chain in Jiangsu region, Further expand the domestic and foreign markets of Jiangsu valve industry

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