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Jiangsu has made great efforts to build an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem

in recent years, Jiangsu has seized the opportunity to promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, and promote enterprises to carry out new models based on big data, industrial cloud platforms and other new generations of interconnection. If loose technologies are found, the manufacturing ecosystem has quietly changed according to the national standard gb/4156 (8) 4 "experimental methods for metal cupping", new manufacturing and innovative practices of new formats. According to the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, as of the end of September this year, Jiangsu Province has seized the opportunity to promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, promote enterprises to carry out innovative practices of new models, new manufacturing and new formats based on new generation Internet technologies such as big data and industrial cloud platforms, and quietly change the manufacturing ecosystem. According to the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, as of the end of September this year, the readiness rate of Intelligent Manufacturing in our province was 9.6%, the application penetration rate of digital production equipment was 50.9%, the connection rate of digital production equipment was 43.7%, the proportion of enterprises realizing networking collaboration reached 55.6%, and the application rate of industrial cloud platform was 47.7%

Jiangsu builds an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem

intelligent manufacturing upgrading makes workshops smarter

from January to September this year, the industrial investment in the province was 1834.15 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 6.2%, an increase of 2.9 percentage points higher than that of the country, and the investment in industrial technological transformation was 1050.73 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 10.2%, an increase of 4 percentage points higher than that of industrial investment. The continuous increase of industrial investment has brought continuous impetus to the innovation and transformation of enterprises in our province

walking into Nanjing Easton Automation Co., Ltd., in the robot production workshop, the scene of man-machine interaction reflects a busy scene. In the roaring workshop, the sparks of "wisdom" in industrial production collide here

it is understood that Nanjing Easton Automation Co., Ltd. adheres to the path of completely independent research and development. In 2016, the sales revenue of core control functional components of intelligent equipment, the company's traditional main business, was 467million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 15.57%. The sales volume of robot bodies exceeded 1000. "The company has maintained a high R & D investment, accounting for 10.98% of revenue in 2015 and 9.51% of revenue in 2016." According to the relevant person of the company, for the long-term development, it will still maintain a high proportion of R & D investment

Wuxi Shenxi was an unknown township enterprise in the 1980s, with simple equipment, backward technology and single products. In recent years, the company's investment in technological transformation has reached 20million yuan, with an average annual R & D investment of more than 5million yuan. In 2015, the company's R & D investment accounted for 2.5% of its main business income, far higher than the average level of 1% of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in our province

flexible customization leads industrial development

into the plate distribution and processing of Nangang, the elasticity lags behind - the difference between the strain energy required for the material to produce the specified stress and the elastic energy under this stress. A white manipulator is working, cutting steel, and the whole process is unmanned. In the past, shipbuilding enterprises needed materials and got the whole steel plate. At present, Nangang combines various specifications of steel plates required by several shipyards for simultaneous production, and sends them to the shipyard after cutting and processing. The shipyard can use them as long as they are assembled. At present, the monthly assembly capacity of Nangang is more than 80000 tons, and the time is shortened from 1 hour of manual design to 5 minutes of intelligent design

Nanjing Welle home has realized the small batch personalized customization of furniture in the whole house by establishing an internal and external whole business and whole process interconnection and cooperation platform. Relying on the Internet, customers can complete the customization of home life with home designers in stores and even at home, and the system will then generate orders. After the order is released, the platform starts to control and track the order throughout its life cycle, so as to ensure that customers can obtain satisfactory finished products on schedule. Personalized customization has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises, and the sales of enterprises have increased by more than 30% in recent years

the transformation from rigid manufacturing to flexible manufacturing is an important symbol of "industry 4.0". Siemens medium voltage switching technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. and the Wuxi innovation center of Siemens (China rigid polyurethane foam also has low moisture absorption) Co., Ltd. developed and implemented a production decision support system to create a "Transparent Factory" based on the industrial cloud, so as to realize the all-round transparent description and tracking of human, machine, material and other links. After the implementation of the system by Siemens medium voltage company, hundreds of thousands of yuan of economic losses caused by internal transportation errors or losses of materials are avoided every year, and the comprehensive utilization rate of main production equipment such as tongkuai machine tools is increased by 10%

integrate into the "cloud" to leverage manufacturing upgrading

poly GCL photovoltaic chip division in Suzhou began to cooperate with Alibaba cloud in April last year, and has achieved initial results in the application of industrial big data. With the help of streaming data upload technology, the company has more than 100 million data uploaded to the cloud in real time without interruption every day. Through these data, we can monitor whether the production equipment is normal. Once the core parameter data exceeds the threshold, the system will notify the on-site operators to respond in time through the "nail" message platform

caterpillar is a world-famous manufacturer of construction machinery. At present, China's factories, including Xuzhou factory, have domestic top IOT information platforms. However, the IOT information platform used by caterpillar is not self built, but rented the cloud platform provided by Tianze information. Caterpillar does not need to build a big data center and purchase a large number of basic software and application software. All technical service personnel are provided by Tianze information, and the average monthly rent of each equipment is only dozens of yuan

Tianze information is a high-tech enterprise specializing in building a public service platform for industrial enterprises, IOT and big data. In addition to famous large enterprises such as Caterpillar, XCMG, Hitachi and Midea, the company also provides cloud services to hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises to help them embark on the road of transformation and upgrading. Tianze information, which has been established for 17 years, has been successfully listed on the gem

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