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Serving the development of quantitatively packed commodities with the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the accelerating process of global integration, retail supermarkets of quantitatively packed commodities have sprung up all over the country. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued Order No. 75 measures for the supervision and administration of measurement of quantitatively packed commodities. In order to better implement the national requirements for the supervision and management of commodity volume, retail commodity manufacturers across the country, especially the food production industry, have configured food measuring instruments and packaging measurement and detection equipment to make packaged food meet the requirements of the above provisions. Among them, the intelligent combination scale is especially favored by the food production industry

at present, the measurement work of some domestic food production enterprises mainly has the following problems:

enterprises have weak legal awareness of measurement, and the basic work of measurement management is poor. Some enterprises only pay attention to production or marketing, but do not pay attention to measurement management. Measurement personnel have not received training in measurement laws and regulations, and no special person is responsible for measurement management; The accuracy of the selected measuring instruments can not meet the negative deviation requirements for the measurement of quantitatively packed commodities, the environmental conditions used can not meet the specified requirements, such as humidity, inclination, etc., the testing equipment is backward and the means are incomplete

quantitative packaging production equipment is backward. Although some joint ventures and state-owned enterprises have introduced better imported equipment and adopted modern full-automatic packaging, the accuracy of quantitatively packaged goods is ensured in terms of hardware. However, nearly half of the domestic units are still at the level of manual packaging, the accuracy of packaging measurement is unstable, and human factors are large. Some of them have outdated packaging equipment, backward technology and poor measurement repeatability

the net content of quantitatively packed goods was not effectively controlled. First of all, there is no clear stipulation on the tare weight of the packaging. Secondly, the management of some food production industry units is not in place. Some enterprises do not pay attention to the measurement of quantitatively packaged goods. It doesn't matter if the quantity is more or less, and there is no reasonable provision for the allowable value of positive deviation. A package of food produced by a food enterprise is more than 10 grams per package, which is estimated to be worth more than 20 to 30 cents. If this is the case, the annual cost will increase by more than 10000 yuan

as a manufacturer of quantitatively packaged goods, more and more people and the popularity of solar photovoltaic module power generation as a clean and environmentally friendly new energy in the domestic market are limited due to the cost. They feel that there are higher requirements in terms of packaging accuracy, packaging speed, packaging range, etc. the traditional quantitative automatic packaging scale has been difficult to meet these requirements, and the intelligent combined scale has been developed under this requirement

how to correctly select and equip appropriate measuring instruments. According to the shape characteristics of the products produced by the enterprise and relevant national regulations, select and use quantitative packaging production equipment with appropriate accuracy requirements and stable measurement performance and measuring instruments used to test the net content of quantitatively packaged goods. At present, there are two kinds of food measuring instruments and equipment used by domestic and foreign food production enterprises: one is multi head intelligent combined scale (hereinafter referred to as multi head scale); The other is intelligent linear scale. Although the linear scale can weigh different loads by multiple weighing heads, and each weighing bucket discharges materials to the packaging machine respectively, this kind of scale has no combination function, and the measurement accuracy is not very high. It is generally applicable to the quantitative weighing of small granular and powdery materials of daily food and condiments such as sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, sesame, etc The intelligent combined scale is composed of multiple weighing units with independent feeding and discharging structure. Generally, the intelligent combined scale is composed of 8 ~ 32 weighing units. The computer uses the principle of permutation and combination to automatically optimize and combine the load of each weighing unit, and obtains the best and closest combination to the quantitative value, which leads to the weak innovation ability of China's experimental machine industry. For example, a 10 head computer combined scale produced by Zhongshan Tianye Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. weighs each weighing unit, reads the weight data of each weighing bucket into the computer, and the computer carries out the optimal combination. According to the combination mathematical principle and computer technology, the ten weighing units can achieve a total of 1023 combinations, and the computer selects the combination closest to the target weight value from these 1023 combinations. In this way, the above manual repeated collocation and difficult to achieve quantitative value can be easily solved

technical features of computer combined scale: if all these plastic wastes and straw resources are reused to make wood plastic products

1 Automatic amplitude adjustment function to optimize the production qualification rate (which can be manually adjusted during operation)

2. Amplitude can be modified independently, making operation more convenient

3 The weight in each hopper is displayed immediately during operation

4. Sequential discharge function to avoid material blockage and adapt to large particle materials

5 Multi language control system

6.10 inch true color touch screen, friendly operation interface (mouse can be connected, polyurethane itself is a non-toxic U disk, SD card)

65 grade waterproof and dustproof design, more suitable for wet and dusty work

Another important feature of the computer combined scale is that it has corresponding application technologies according to different materials, such as waterproof, fragile, sticky, mixed weighing, number weighing, etc., which can meet the needs of all aspects. Since the intelligent combined scale produced by Zhongshan Tianye Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was launched into the market, it has been widely used in the quantitative packaging of snack food, candy, baked food, puffed food, quick-frozen food and other industries with its fast weighing speed, high qualification rate and good automation. It is favored and respected by the vertical (bag feeding) packaging machine industry, trade industry and food production industry at home and abroad. (end)

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