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In April, 2008, the 6th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition was held in Beijing exhibition hall. Supported by the General Armament Department of the people's Liberation Army, the former China National Defense Science, technology and Industry Commission, the former Ministry of information industry, and China Electronic Information Industry Corporation, this exhibition is an unprecedented event, bringing together more than 300 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions at home and abroad, involving electronics, weapons, aviation, aerospace and other industries

relying on high and new technology to promote national defense construction, the spring fatigue testing machine has been widely used in the production and utilization of springs and shock absorbers, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also greatly improve the national brand of the industry. As a leading enterprise in the industrial computer industry, North China industrial control group was invited to participate in the event, and its products won the keen attention of users

during this national defense exhibition, North China industrial control exhibited a variety of products, including industrial CPU card series, 3.5 "/5.25" industrial motherboard series, special motherboard for network security, POS motherboard, industrial computer series, integrated workstation, digital library, network security standard system, industrial chassis, embedded standard system, etc., and provided practical and effective application solutions for customers, which attracted much attention at the exhibition site

after nearly 10 years of development, the scale and influence of China International Defense Electronics Exhibition have increased one by one. Now it has become a professional defense electronics exhibition with great influence at home and abroad, providing a good platform for all participants to communicate and promote trade development. In line with the purpose of "serving military construction and promoting national defense informatization", North China industrial control group strives to provide the best solution for national defense construction by adopting a single-chip computer to control this national defense exhibition platform. At the exhibition site, Huabei industrial control work made its immobile personnel explain the product features in detail to customers, coupled with dynamic demonstrations, which attracted many customers to watch and stop. They highly affirmed the advantages of Huabei industrial control products

through this national defense exhibition, North China industrial control not only fully demonstrated the latest R & D achievements to peers at home and abroad, but also showed its corporate style of "innovation, development, service and dedication" to customers. With the investment of new products in the market, North China industrial control products will make greater contributions to the field of national defense information construction

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