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As a leading brand in the domestic kitchen electrical industry, Cohen appliances has won high praise from the market, industry and users with its high-quality products and services. Under the strategic background of rejuvenating the country through quality and the trend of consumption upgrading, many industries and brands have stepped up their efforts to improve product quality and optimize service experience. Since its establishment for more than 9 years, Cohen kitchen appliances has always adhered to technological innovation, continuously improved product quality, promoted the establishment of industrial and national technical standards, and boosted the overall quality improvement of China's kitchen appliances industry. The full range of kitchen electrical products launched have not only been sought after by consumers, but also received industry and international recognition, and have won a number of authoritative awards

in recent years, China's kitchen electricity market has entered the "fast lane". The development focus of household appliance industry is shifting from living room economy to kitchen electricity economy. However, with the development of the global household appliance market entering a new era, China's kitchen appliance industry is facing new environments, new problems and new opportunities, and transformation and upgrading need new forces. China's kitchen and electrical enterprises represented by Cohen are bidding farewell to the previous business mode of seeking to reduce costs and expand scale. Cohen continues to further enhance the development and innovation ability of the enterprise through product and brand upgrading, and strives to occupy the global market advantage

on the other hand, at present, the competition in the domestic kitchen and bathroom market tends to be white hot, and the major mainstream brands have been firmly based on the consumer market in the first and second tier cities. If you want to break through and occupy more market share, in addition to improving your own product strength, further enhancing terminal sales capacity and improving brand awareness and reputation is also another major plan. Cohen is not only in the layout of the present, but also in the layout of the future. On April 9, the K6 single store performance doubling system of Cohen kitchen appliance torch plan and the national excellent dealer linkage launch conference were grandly held at maozi Cohen headquarters. Cohen took the lead in planning for the future by laying out terminals, improving terminals, and improving terminals, which is bound to further enhance the attention of the industry and consumers to Cohen brand, and is also of great significance to the future brand development of Cohen

in the future, Cohen kitchen appliances will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, improve channel layout, constantly meet user needs, and bring more surprises and convenience to users with high-quality products and services





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