Three styles of classical restaurants with complet

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Part1. Elegant and luxurious Chinese classical restaurant editor's comments: dark coffee and Brown are important colors of the restaurant. These colors are thick and generous, which are suitable for large house types as luxury clothes. The white tablecloth brightens the whole tone of the restaurant, so as not to make the host feel dull at dinner

editor's comments: the window leakage carving on the wall adopts the ice crack method, and the shape of the chair gives people a sense of modernity. It must be that middle-aged people with deep experience can accept this kind of thick style

editor's comments: such a luxurious and Grand Restaurant shows a classical temperament. The cabinets match the colors, and the coffee color is selected. The seats and lights are orange yellow, which suddenly complement each other

editor's comments: the selection of table lamps does not need to stick to tradition. Table lamps with the same style and different shapes hang on the table, which adds more interest, and the whole collocation gives people a sense of Huazhong




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