Love wall cloth dream set sail, Le enjoy the succe

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"Heart" dream set sail, "Le" enjoy the future - the 2018 annual conference dinner of Shaoxing xunshang Textile Co., Ltd. officially began

auspicious dog leaves the old year, golden pig welcomes the new year

looking back on the past, we are fruitful

firm now, we are passionate about Pemba

looking forward to the future, and we are high spirited

-- theme of 2018 Leff annual meeting

speech by the founder of Leff

Tyler Zhou, the founder of Leff, was born into a printing family and has a natural sensitivity to color. In 2009, Tyler Zhou entered the wallcovering industry with dreams and aspirations and founded love wallcovering

tyler Zhou said, "this is Le Fu's family dinner, and Le Fu has always been a loving family. I hereby sincerely thank all cooperative enterprises and team members for their recognition and support of Le Fu.

in the past ten years, Le Fu has worked together with everyone, experienced storms, and seen rainbows. 2019 will be the most critical year for Le Fu. We will spare no efforts to prepare for the Beijing Exhibition in March, and strive to shine at this exhibition!"

finally, Tyler Zhou also sent everyone New Year's greetings and holiday greetings

lelife -

Tyler ・ Zhou

award ceremony

over the past year, all partners of love have worked hard and selflessly for the same goal. Love's glory belongs to every partner

annual best diligence award

annual high potential award

annual best dedication award

annual sales champion award

outstanding contribution award

gluttonous feast

the "heart" dream sets sail, "Le" enjoys the future - the dinner of the 2018 annual meeting of Shaoxing xunshang Textile Co., Ltd. officially begins


? Games & The happiest part of the raffle

is online. Today we are the high-profile love people

It' S game time

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