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Nowadays, shopping malls are changing rapidly, so it may not be so effective to respond to changes with constancy. Facing the "cake" of numerous competitions among door and window enterprises, health enterprises also need to see whether they are hard or not, and whether they can "digest" the "cake". Door and window enterprises cannot put all their eggs in one basket. As long as they explore new marketing points and find new ways in the process of continuous exploration, they can find another way to success in the fierce market competition

in the era of mobile Internet, word-of-mouth achievements may destroy brands

now there is a view that advertising is dead in the era of Internet. In fact, the biggest challenge brought by the Internet is how to know that good communication will lead to the death of poor products faster. Especially today, when the Internet gives consumers unprecedented voice, the management of word-of-mouth for doors and windows is more important. Because in the past, the media was one-way, exclusive, high unit price, and it was necessary to launch many, while the media in the era of mobile Internet was interactive, open, low-cost, free, and accurate. Users in the same past, that is, consumers, are isolated, weak and basically have no influence, while users in the mobile Internet era are social, strong and interact with each other, which will result in achievements or destroy the brand of the enterprise

the greater the influence, the greater the value of brand property.

with the emergence and development of mobile Internet, communication media has become an online channel for people to share opinions, information, ideas and establish contacts with each other. It is composed of communities that establish network connections with people with similar interests. In a sense, users of every product or brand in the Internet era exist on the communication media. Even if a user is silent, his family, friends, partners, etc. will also affect him on the communication media. In other words, brand users are presented in groups on the communication media. Consumers pay more attention to the perceived image of the brand and the perceived quality of products when shopping online, which is crucial to the impact of information on the communication media. The deeper consumers' understanding of the door and window brand, the greater the influence of the door and window brand, and the greater the harvest of the property value of the door and window brand

therefore, door and window enterprises need to comply with the development of the times, be good at exploring marketing points, and choose the correct marketing model in order to not be screened in the fierce market competition




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