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Pay more attention to the decoration of these places in autumn

autumn has always been regarded as the golden time for decoration by the home furnishing industry. However, the climate in autumn is relatively dry, and owners should pay special attention to the following matters when decorating:

1 The pollution produced in the process of decoration has seriously affected people's daily life. Therefore, experts suggest that when decorating, take advantage of the strong wind in autumn, often maintain ventilation and purify the indoor air. In addition, try to select finished products to reduce the on-site operation of paint and wood& ldquo; Use less plates ” It has also become a consensus for decoration. If furniture is made of solid wood or mixed wood, try to choose brands with good reputation for paint, coating and adhesive. The owner can basically prevent pollution by grasping the materials, construction and testing in the decoration process

2. Wood oil sealing and moisturizing

in autumn, the air is dry, and wood and paint are relatively easy to dry, but improper treatment will also bring trouble. It is recommended to seal the wood with oil to prevent cracks on the surface due to water loss and to avoid affecting the appearance of the decorative panel

3. Wallpaper watering to prevent deformation

wallpapers have been popular in recent years, but the author reminds owners who want to use wallpapers to replenish water for wallpapers in autumn. In summer, because the air is humid, wallpaper paving is not troublesome. After normal paving, let the wall dry quickly. The climate in autumn is relatively dry, so the wallpaper should be soaked “ Replenish water ”, Then apply glue for paving; After paving, you can't open doors and windows as much as in summer to let the wall dry quickly. In this way, it is very easy to make the newly paved wallpaper lose water and deform. It's best to let it dry naturally in the shade

4. Style and color are suitable for four seasons

the climate turns cool. People will unconsciously like some warmer colors, which will cause illusion and misleading to the visual senses. Therefore, we should objectively examine our tendency when purchasing building materials, give play to our spatial imagination, and create a home environment suitable for our own climate in all seasons

5. Fire and explosion prevention are very important

most decoration materials are inflammables, and the paint, coating, chemical agents, etc. used in decoration are also very volatile. If you accidentally encounter small sparks generated by starting tools, power sockets, etc., it may lead to danger. It is recommended to store paint, chemicals, etc. at a proper and safe distance from live operating tools

6. Beware of sloppy endings

there are many people decorating in autumn. Decoration companies and workers often ignore quality in order to catch up with the project. At this time, they work faster, but in this way, the decoration quality will inevitably be rough. In addition, autumn and winter are the seasons of traditional Chinese festivals, and most construction workers in the home decoration industry will go home for the festival. Therefore, the owners must be careful and strict in the acceptance





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