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In the golden autumn, there is a busy scene everywhere. Of course, the home decoration industry is no exception. It is not difficult to find that whether building materials stores or decoration companies, major promotions and activities are continuous. As owners, of course, it is also a good time for home decoration. However, because most people are relatively lack of decoration knowledge, because they are very easy to fall into traps, Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian believes that it is really necessary to do a good job in the early stage. The decoration of new houses should be careful and never take the wrong road

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the editor learned that Mr. Li and his wife have been busy doing business in other places, and they have been trying to buy a house with a better location for their parents for the past two years. So in November last year, I bought a 125 square meter house for the two old people in Hongshan District, and I plan to start preparing for decoration in March this year. Due to the busy business, Mr. Li and his wife have no time to do the decoration by themselves. Now I heard that many decoration companies have launched some novel decoration packages, some of which are even "you can check in with your bag", so he chose a medium and high-end package with a budget quotation of 160000 yuan. Looking at the 7-page package, Mr. Li and his wife thought it should be OK, so they signed the contract. Because I didn't know much about decoration, I didn't find out until the day when I chose the materials that although the package was made of well-known brands, it was mostly the lowest end of the brand. If you want to choose products with better quality, you need to upgrade, and upgrading means adding money. Then it causes more problems, and there are more and more things that need to be bought again. When the decoration was completed, it was found that the total decoration cost was about 200000 yuan, which was nearly 40000 yuan more than the original quotation

comments: additions and omissions are easy problems in decoration. The editor has heard the owner's complaint more than once. In this case, we must be careful when signing the decoration contract, and the relevant provisions in the contract must be very clear and careful. And after signing the contract, the decoration company cannot increase the use of materials on the original basis, which we, as owners, should be aware of. (recommended reading: there are many "patterns" in the decoration contract, so be careful not to be cheated when signing)

the new house decoration can avoid the "wrong way" series:

I. the hard decoration part

1. Wall tiles

the main function of wall tiles is decorative function, but the wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom will be "attacked" by oil smoke and water. If it is not human factors, it is not easy to produce greater wear and tear over time, so you can pay more attention to the special price of the brand when purchasing




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