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When it comes to decoration for the first time -- eight things you must know

first, the decoration should start with shopping around first

where to start with decoration is a problem that many new owners are worried about, and everyone is very vague about this concept

the new house is going to be decorated. Where should we start? Decoration is a big problem. All new owners are newcomers in this field and are confused about how to start. The most basic thing is to see more, ask more, go to the market more, and shop around

it's better to teach them to fish than to teach them to fish. Similarly, in order to ensure their own decoration, owners also need to learn more. In practice, there should be more "chicken thieves"

for building materials and furniture, you should visit several building materials cities, building materials supermarkets and furniture cities to see how the same building materials, different brands of furniture and no sales outlets sell. If possible, go online to see how their reputation is

for decoration construction, we should pay more attention to several construction sites. Don't rush to start work. It's best to wait until the neighbor's house is decorated. Go and have a look. A good team, or even a good worker, can stay and work for themselves

second, the most important function design of the room

the fundamental problem of decoration is that the owner should first ask himself: what do I (or our family) really need

the first step in decoration must be design. The owner first puts forward his own needs and touches with the designer, so that the designer can consider the functions required by the owner, understand the owner's living habits, hobbies and other information in the design process, so as to facilitate the designer to better combine functions and styles in the design process

because design is not just a drawing design, that concept may be partial. The bigger thing is to design what life needs. It is better to have a drawing or a design program to divide the space and functions. Finally, we should respect space and function. The third is the style of decoration

as for how the owner can imagine in advance the functions needed in daily life in the future before decoration, there is a way to draw the house type map first, which room does what, and first divide the general direction. Then calm down, stay in that space, think about what I want to put here and do there, imagine what life will look like in the future, and then know what I need

therefore, function is considered before style

when some owners start decoration, they don't care about what functions, and most small owners initially consider style; Some owners are very practical, with clear ideas and clear considerations on how to make better and more reasonable use of the limited space

third, choose the decoration team to match each other

how to choose the decoration company? Just like talking about the object, we should match each other

when choosing a decoration company, we should first consider our own economic affordability, and choose one that is equivalent to our actual situation and affordability. The simplest thing is how much you want to spend

large companies spend big money and small companies spend small money. As owners, they must be economical and affordable. Owners may not have a very clear budget, and many owners want a brand. Many owners are more concerned about what is the most practical thing. When the owner chooses the construction team, it depends on the company, the design, the foreman and the workers. This is what we just called "chicken thief". You should be specific to the operation of each worker. When the new house arrives, don't worry about installing it. You can have a look more. This is also a way

but this is particularly reluctant for designers, because what owners see is always partial, and then they want to apply this part to their own home design

there are several channels for choosing decoration companies. One is to choose directly from the market. Once you enter the market, you will be dragged away. You can fully talk with these companies. In fact, I think the quality has nothing to do with the size of the company. When choosing a decoration company, you should see and understand more, and you can see more projects under construction. The projects under construction can fully show the management and technical level of the company. Through this investigation, don't be too hasty. Take the key today, install it tomorrow, and live in a month later. First of all, you must decide how much you want to spend on the installation, and you must consider the affordability

the biggest advantage of large companies is the so-called good reliability, which can be guaranteed in the later stage. Looking for the construction team, there is no guarantee in the later stage. I'm looking for a team that suits me and materials that suit me. The price difference of this material is even greater

the cost of materials is much higher than that of construction. After reading the construction quality, we should consider our economic affordability

fourth, why can't we stop the decoration overspending?

decoration overspending is an unavoidable problem for most owners. In the process of decoration, there are additional items. In fact, many times, the overspending is caused by the owners themselves. How did you overspend

for example, today I saw that this brick is good. Our family will decorate it once. This 40 piece brick, that 50 piece brick, and that 50 piece brick are very good-looking, and they can't exceed much. So, it's just like this, one by one, and finally it's much more than that. In addition, for example, the renovation of hydropower is the most unproductive. Decoration companies all say that it actually happens. How does it happen

as an owner, what functions my home needs and how to use it when I use it should be carefully considered by the owner before signing the contract. Take a moment to sit down in the room and think about your life. Then you will know where the socket is. Don't listen to the decoration team telling you to install it here and there. Because only you know what you really need

some owners say, how can I know how to install this? I'm not a designer. Of course, if you find a good designer who is very responsible and familiar with your life, or through understanding, he can be familiar with your life, he can also help you do these without your own trouble

some owners say, why should I consider these problems? Just because you want to save money, you should think more about it

v. order furniture before preparing for decoration construction

first, choose furniture according to the size of your home. Determine the placement of various furniture, and set the decoration tone and style of the house according to the furniture

then, on the basis of determining the placement of furniture, determine the water and electricity nodes, that is, determine which places need sockets, which places need faucets, and how much they need respectively. If the nodes are determined, the budget of hydropower transformation will be more reliable, avoiding the crazy overspending of hydropower transformation in most decoration cases

next, determine whether the floor is paved or tiled. This is mainly based on their preferences to choose. I prefer the practice of laying the floor in the bedroom and the tiles in the living room and kitchen. But this practice requires raising the bedroom floor. Because the ground should be 35-40mm higher when the floor tiles are paved. The height of the floor (except solid wood) is only 8 to 12mm, and there is a drop between the two, resulting in uneven floors of the living room and bedroom. Therefore, the floor of the bedroom should be leveled with cement mortar, so as to form a consistent height after paving the floor. If it is a solid wood floor, there is no need to pad it up. Because the solid wood floor needs a keel, it will also raise a certain height

then determine the functions of other functional areas

this is done step by step to maximize utility within budget constraints

it is suggested that other owners should first consider the functions they need before decoration. I always say this: you can't wait for the designer to tell you what functions you need. Only you know what you need. When communicating with designers, owners who are looking for designers should communicate their functional requirements with designers in detail, so that designers can integrate practical functions with design

VI. you can decorate without a designer

at the shooting site of the home decoration Staff Department, a newly decorated owner shared his decoration experience: completely put aside the decoration experience of the designer

the first thing to do in decoration is to clarify the problem of money first. Owners should first go to the building materials market to see how much these things are worth for decoration. First, they should have a general concept of price in mind. Then measure by yourself how much I plan to spend on decoration and what grade of products I can afford. So we have a rough budget

the decoration process of the owner almost completely abandoned the designer. First, she ordered white maple panel furniture. According to the style and color of the furniture, the tone of the whole decoration is basically set

she chose the decoration method of the background wall of the living room by herself - pasting wallpaper, and chose the wallpaper by herself. According to the structure of the house, a small part of the ceiling is made to cover the beam. One wall of the bedroom is also pasted with wallpaper

then, the owner selected ceramic tiles, cabinets, sanitary ware, lamps and other building materials. When choosing ceramic tiles, there is a spirit worthy of learning: strictly control the budget. She used to like the paving effect of 10*10 small square bricks; Later, I asked, the paving and pasting of this kind of small square brick is very expensive. If this kind of brick is pasted, it will exceed the budget. So she gave up this kind of ceramic tile rationally

this spirit of budget control is well worth learning by decoration owners, unless there is no special case of any constraint on the decoration budget. Why is it easy to overspend on decoration? A very important reason is a little more indifferent mentality. When buying building materials, it doesn't matter if it's a little expensive here, or if it's a little expensive there. Taken together, there is a serious overspending

VII. Choose a decoration company or a decoration guerrilla

choose a decoration company or a decoration team, which is a problem that most owners who plan to decorate have considered. Originally, I thought that many owners would choose decoration companies because they were guaranteed. Later, a survey was conducted on the Forum: did you choose a decoration company or a decoration team for decoration (the survey results of the forum are for reference only) and it was found that the owners who originally chose a decoration company and a decoration team were close rivals, and there was no result of which side they preferred

according to insiders, many decoration sites, workers do not look at the drawings. The designer pasted the effect map on the scene, and the workers followed their feelings when looking at the effect map. When you meet a more delicate worker, you can feel that if you are right, what you do is just like the effect image; Unfortunately, if you encounter workers who feel more bold and assertive, then the owner can only let nature take its course and ask for more blessings

some people say that decoration is done by people anyway. It's better to find a decoration company to let them do it and earn a layer of management money than to find a decoration team. This is a statement

home decoration is indeed a very personal thing. Whether the company is good or not and whether the brand is strong, in the final analysis, it is the workers who are working. Whether to choose a decoration team or a decoration company for decoration, no one can give a standard answer, and no one can help others make this decision. Because there is too much uncertainty




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