Four precautions for bathroom decoration

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Bathroom is one of the most frequently used functional spaces in the whole room. Although the area is small, it is closely related to our health. We should not only pay attention to cleanliness and beauty, but also safety and environmental protection. Whether the bathroom decoration is scientific and reasonable determines the quality of life. Wuhan home decoration network editor shares the four precautions for bathroom decoration, and teaches you to install a truly comfortable bathroom

precautions for bathroom decoration I: drainage performance needs attention

due to the functional particularity of bathroom, the waterproof and moisture-proof of bathroom must be done well. When laying the floor tiles, the drainage slope of 1% should be maintained, the consistency of the floor tile joints should be ensured, the flatness should be maintained, and the water in the bathroom should be discharged as soon as possible. Before the wall construction, the wall waterproof treatment project can ensure the wall waterproof. The thicker the waterproof layer, the better. However, as long as the general decoration meets the national standard (1.5mm), it is qualified and safe. The frequency and total amount of water contact in different locations of the house are different, so different methods should be used in the construction of different locations

precautions for bathroom decoration II: moisture-proof and anti-skid should not be forgotten

for families with elderly and children, the moisture-proof and anti-skid performance of the bathroom has become a major safety factor that needs attention. Experts remind that when decorating the bathroom, we should consider the needs of waterproof and moisture-proof from the aspects of wall and floor tile laying, ceiling treatment, pipeline installation and equipment selection, and make careful arrangements. When laying wall and floor tiles and stone materials, a waterproof layer should be made under the surface course. Cement mortar should be used to level the ground, and waterproof paint should be applied. Then a layer of 1:2 cement mortar should be paved as the bonding layer, and the floor tiles and other decorative materials should be paved and pasted. After watering, it should be tamped with wooden boards to achieve flatness, firmness and tight joints

it is recommended to use aluminum gusset plates with micropores in the ceiling to strengthen ventilation and prevent condensate. If plasterboard ceiling is made, waterproof putty shall be applied first, and then waterproof paint shall be applied; PVC ceiling is easy to produce condensate and drip, so it should be used with caution

bathroom decoration precautions 3: be careful of the bathroom electric tiger

tap water is the perfect conductor. Once there is electric leakage in the bathroom, the consequences are unimaginable. In the bathroom, there have been countless accidents of electric shock and death caused by hidden dangers of decoration or old and falling off of decoration materials. Because most Chinese houses have undergone secondary decoration, it is very easy to damage the original house grounding system during the decoration process, Thus, it is easy to cause hidden dangers in the power environment. According to the survey of provincial and municipal consumer associations and technical supervision bureaus, about 76% of houses in the country have hidden dangers of electricity. If you want to completely eliminate the hidden danger of electric leakage, you must pay enough attention to the bathroom decoration

precautions for bathroom decoration 4: reasonable ventilation structure

moisture is easy to accumulate in the bathroom, so special attention should be paid to ventilation in bathroom decoration. Mingwei with windows is the best choice. If it is a dark bathroom, in order to keep the bathroom free of mold, hair and tide insects, in addition to installing an exhaust ventilator with high power and good performance, you should also pay attention to avoid "wrapping", especially near the ground. Toilets with reasonable layout should be divided into dry areas and non dry areas. Non dry areas are not conducive to storage. Even in dry areas, if toilet paper, towels, bath towels, etc. are placed for a long time, they must be stored in plastic boxes with good moisture resistance to avoid moisture, and they must be taken out and used without any moisture




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