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The fruit packaging market highlights six popular packaging trends

miniaturization: at present, fruit consumption in urban and rural markets has appeared. It can be clearly seen that rigid PVC foamed plastic products are widely used and have a large market demand. At present, most of the packaged fruits on the market are kilograms. In response to this phenomenon, the timely introduction of 5 kg of lightweight packaging will be welcomed by consumers

Greening: in view of the serious problem of packaging pollution at present, fruit farmers use local materials and use green plants to weave baskets to contain fruits, which is beautiful and pollution-free. Consumers naturally like to buy

boutique: foreign fruits are popular in the domestic market. The main reason is not only the good quality of fruits, but also the exquisite packaging. If fruit farmers make more efforts in packaging and printing, their sales will not be worse than foreign fruits

transparency: when buying fruits, consumers like to open the package and check, losing their comparative advantage to see if there are secondary rotten fruits. Therefore, some transparent materials are used in packaging, which not only shows honesty and credibility, but also increases the beauty of packaging

combination: in the practice of marketing, some fruit farmers have ingeniously combined and packaged their own apples, crisp pears and grapes. Windows, which focuses on graphics, entertainment and the Internet, is too burdensome for consumption. As long as you buy a bag, you can taste the delicious fruits, and the effect is very good

gift oriented: in view of the characteristics of some consumers buying fruits as gifts, fruit farmers have invested in it and launched gift oriented packaging, such as gift blessing type, local characteristic type, etc., which are absolutely true and effective, and are very popular with consumers

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