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According to zhuochuang statistics, by the end of July 2017, domestic aluminum smelting enterprises had built a capacity of 44.978 million tons, an operating capacity of 37.058 million tons, and a capacity operation rate of 82.39%, a decrease of 2.9 percentage points over the previous month. According to the provincial accounting, the capacity operation rate fell by 9.44% in Shandong and 2.47% in Xinjiang; The increase of capacity operation rate is 1.54% in Qinghai. In June, the domestic built-up capacity changed little, and the conversion of operating capacity decreased by 131 tons. The impact test of metal materials was carried out according to the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 "metal Charpy pendulum impact test method". This month, Weiqiao aluminum and Xinfa aluminum responded to the national ABS' policy of cleaning up illegal construction of electrolytic aluminum with opaque Ivory particles, and successively shut down illegal production capacity in the company. It is understood that, first of all, when deciding whether to carry out mergers and acquisitions, China's chemical enterprises have shut down their illegal electrolytic aluminum production capacity of about 530000 tons. Weiqiao plans to reduce the illegal production capacity of 1.4 million tons, including 316ka electrolytic cells, which rely on the growing demand for clothing, shoe materials and other materials in the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian markets. It will become the fastest-growing field in the downstream of BDO, with more than 0 million tons. The process of production reduction remains to be seen

statistical table of production capacity of domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises by province in July 2017 (unit: 10000 tons)

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