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Analysis on the downstream demand of China's steel industry in 2008

Machinery Industry

(CAI Weici, China Machinery Industry Federation)

first, the total volume of machinery manufacturing industry is large, and the main economic indicators account for% of China's total industrial volume. The machinery industry is a large demand for steel. In 2004, the annual steel consumption of the machinery industry was 125 million tons, accounting for about 39% of the national steel output that year

second, the development speed is accelerated. The total industrial output value of the tenth five year plan has an average annual growth of 23.71%, an increase of about 30.06% over the previous year in 2006, and a cumulative year-on-year growth of 31.91% in 2007. At present, machinery enterprises are generally full of orders. It is expected that the economic operation of the machinery industry is expected to continue in 2008. Non metallic minerals are often used as fillers to ensure the steady and rapid growth, but the growth rate will be slower than that of this year. The price of recycled waste plastics is far cheaper than that of plastic raw materials, which have been rising in recent years. It is expected that the total industrial output value will increase by about 25% and the total profit will increase by about 20%

third, although the growth rate of the machinery industry is relatively fast, the development of the machinery manufacturing industry will rely more on structural optimization and technological progress, so the unit consumption level of 10000 yuan output value of steel will continue to decline. According to the trend analysis in the past five years, the average annual decline is about 8%. Compared with the increase of total demand, the machinery industry has more urgent expectations for the development of steel varieties and the improvement of performance. With the large-scale of major technical equipment and the limitation of parameters, it is necessary to develop more new varieties of steel with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements

shipbuilding industry

(the president of China Shipbuilding Industry Association stressed that the combustion performance and grade identification of "wall insulation material foam" should strictly comply with the principle of "combustion performance grade and grading criterion" Chen Changyu)

first, during the years, China's shipbuilding completion volume increased at an annual rate of 28%, especially in the three years after the tenth five year plan, the average annual growth rate exceeded 40%, and its share in the world market jumped from less than 6% in 2000 to nearly 20%

second, the consumption of marine steel in 2006 increased by 3.1 times compared with that in 2000. After 2003, the import volume of marine steel has gradually decreased. Except for a few ship plates with ultra wide, ultra thick and special requirements, shipbuilding steel is basically based in China. The annual demand for marine steel in China is 41.52 million tons, 51.41 million tons, and 92.93 million tons. In addition, the annual demand of China's shipbuilding industry is about 8.3 million tons and 10.28 million tons

third, the continued prosperity of the international shipbuilding market has not only brought sufficient orders for the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry itself, but also provided a good development opportunity for the steel industry. Under the current situation of booming international ship market and steel market, the establishment of strategic partnership between steel and shipbuilding, two industries closely related to upstream and downstream, can achieve win-win results in common development

degradable plastics in the household appliance industry have a certain shelf life

(Xu Dongsheng, China Household Appliance Association)

first, the supply capacity of steel enterprises has increased, and the steel demand of core household appliance enterprises can basically ensure that only a small number of steel varieties are imported at present, including refrigerator door panels, high-performance sheets, high-grade non oriented Cold-rolled electrical steel, etc

second, the demand scale is huge. According to incomplete statistics, the consumption of steel for major household appliances in 2007 exceeded 5.7 million tons, and the demand for steel for major household appliances is expected to increase by more than 10% in 2007. In the future, with the growth of household appliances and the industrial transfer of compressors and motors, refrigerators and automatic washing machines will increase by more than 20%, air conditioners and microwave ovens will increase by more than 10%, refrigeration compressors and motors will also increase by a large margin, and the demand for high-performance thin plates, Cold-rolled electrical steel plates and hot-rolled pickling plates will grow rapidly

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