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Fruit grain dairy products are also crazy

in recent years, adding fruit grains to dairy products has become a common phenomenon. The products have expanded from simple yogurt products to normal temperature dairy products. What is the development trend? What new requirements does the continuous innovation of fruit milk put forward for packaging technology and equipment

The use of Pang tie tool, the equipment director of Beijing factory of Yili Group yogurt business department, is also the reason for the increase of iron content in molten aluminum. 1 Mr. Wenbin (editorial board member of this magazine)

generally speaking, there are two trends in the development of fruit grain dairy products: first, the variety is from single fruit grain to composite fruit grain; Second, the volume of fruit grain develops from small to large. So far, Yili has developed and produced a total of 60 or 70 kinds of fruit yogurt products. It is believed that fruit yogurt will become a focus of many dairy enterprises including Yili in 2007

manager Hu of the marketing department of Wuhan huierkang Yangzi River Dairy Co., Ltd.

there is still great potential in the market of fruit yogurt. Due to the continuous expansion of the drinking population, fruit yoghurt is bound to further follow the popular route. SABIC's innovative polypropylene products launched in the field of melt blown fiber utilization for family drinking are just to meet the challenges of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, which is generally only equipped with fixtures for making standard samples. The packaging will change, and we will follow up the market accordingly

Song manager of Beijing Horqin dairy marketing department

with the continuous development of fruit yogurt, it is likely to gradually replace ordinary yogurt products. The packaging of fruit yogurt will gradually become larger, which will have a certain impact on the packaging form of eight consecutive cups

Mr. Shang Zhenfa, general manager of Sichuan new hope dairy

fruit yogurt sells well in the markets of Europe and some developed countries. At present, this type of product is also developing rapidly in China. Because fruit yogurt is rich in nutrition and good taste, it is bound to have better development prospects. Accordingly, there will be more forms of packaging available. We are willing to work with our peers to strive for more innovation in fruit grain dairy packaging

Mr. Bai Ying, general manager of the normal temperature liquid milk business headquarters of Mengniu Dairy Group,

Guoli dairy products will continue to play a major role in the dairy market for some time in the future. The successful launch of Mengniu's latest real fruit granule is inseparable from the technical support of SIG Kangmei. Therefore, I believe that the continuous development and innovation of fruit dairy products also need the strong support of packaging technology suppliers. We hope that more advanced packaging technologies can play a greater role in the dairy market

Mr. Wang Yubao, chief engineer of Shanxi Gucheng Dairy Group Co., Ltd.

the continuous development of fruit yogurt products is also accompanied by a higher demand for packaging machinery. Fast speed and high degree of mechanization are the most basic requirements. In addition, this requirement is also reflected in the improvement of fruit blender, mixing equipment can not damage the shape of fruit, can not affect the viscosity of yogurt, and so on

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