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Fu Zhijian: the development of construction machinery technology ushered in a new topic

on April 2, 2018, "2018 construction machinery product development (Beijing) forum and China Construction machinery annual product Top50 award ceremony" was grandly held in Beijing. More than 200 guests from the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and its subordinate branches, the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, relevant industry associations, construction machinery manufacturing enterprises, construction enterprises, scientific research machinery, traditional Chinese medicine is our quintessence, universities, and media attended this annual event

Fu Zhijian, executive deputy director of the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, delivered a speech at the "China Construction machinery annual product Top50 award ceremony", and the following is the transcript of his speech:

I am very happy to be the guiding unit of the event, the representatives of the judges and everyone here at the "China Construction machinery annual product Top50" award ceremony

"top 50 of China's construction machinery products of the year" selection activity not only combed and summarized the achievements of the development of the construction machinery industry in technology and products, recorded the footprints of industrial technological progress, but also preliminarily established a product evaluation system with three dimensions of technological innovation, market performance and application contribution, and on this basis, continuously improved and improved. "China Construction machinery annual product to we provide customers with a variety of high-performance products and services that can meet the future national policies and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions. P. fifth, we need to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment. The selection activity has played a positive role in promoting industrial technological progress and product improvement, and has formulated more scientific and diversified product selection rules, etc. We can see that the selection of the "Top50 annual products of China Construction Machinery" has made internal improvements in the above-mentioned levels

China's construction machinery industry has entered a new period. With more yearning for a better life in the new era, global customers pay more and more attention to construction machinery products in terms of energy conservation, efficiency improvement, emission reduction, safety and comfort, which puts forward new topics for the development direction of construction machinery technology

in the selection process of this year, we are pleased to see that new design concepts and means, supporting components and materials are providing more possibilities for the innovation and upgrading of construction machinery products. The technological innovation of construction machinery enterprises is deepening, and their distinctive technological genes have been formed. At the same time, more and more Chinese construction machinery products have begun to lead the development of the industry and become the industry vane

the overall shipment of finished materials downstream of the national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center has improved. As the organization most closely related to product technology and quality in the industrial chain, it will actively participate in the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry and provide strong technical support for government administrative licensing and market access; Provide high-quality inspection services for industrial technological innovation and product quality improvement; Provide objective basis for safeguarding the rights and interests of stakeholders. We have the obligation to participate in the public services of the industry and make due contributions

finally, I wish the construction machinery industry an increasingly broad path of technological innovation, product innovation and quality improvement

I wish the award ceremony a complete success! I wish all guests good health! Thank you

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