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in 2006, the main business cost of the enterprise reached 23.744 billion yuan, an increase of 30.84% year-on-year. The enterprise overcame the impact of rising raw material prices and achieved a new high profit level

(I) main characteristics of glass fiber: raw materials and applications: glass fiber is higher than organic fiber in temperature resistance, non combustible, corrosion resistance, good heat insulation and sound insulation, high tensile strength and good electrical insulation. But it is brittle and has poor wear resistance. Used to make reinforced plastics (see the color picture) or reinforced rubber, as a reinforcing material, glass fiber has the following characteristics. These characteristics make the use of glass fiber far more extensive than other kinds of fibers, and its development speed is far ahead. Its characteristics are listed as follows:

inflate another glass fiber reinforced plastic oxygen cylinder to 150 kg/square centigrade. Recently, I visited Dunhuang "Mother River" - 1 meter upstream of Dang river, Then roll down the valley from the top of the mountain. It collided with the jagged rocks and rolled to the bottom of the valley without bursting. FRP oxygen cylinders have passed the quality appraisal examination. Generally, the tensile strength of glass produced by FRP instrument and equipment shell manufacturers is only one eighth of that of ordinary steel. Melt the glass and pull it into a glass fiber that is only one tenth of the diameter of the hair. The original hard and fragile glass has become a soft and tensile glass fiber, and its tensile strength can be increased by more than ten times

in 2007, the glass fiber and products manufacturing industry achieved a total industrial output value of 37624527 thousand yuan, an increase of 38.07% over the same period last year

FRP instrument and equipment shell manufacturer

(II) (1) high tensile strength and small elongation (3%). (2) High elastic coefficient and good rigidity. (3) It has large elongation and high tensile strength within the elastic limit, so it absorbs large impact energy

researchers at the Munich University of Technology (tum) have been developing materials that "die" when energy is exhausted in the world's glass fiber industry for a long time. As a new force, China is expected to occupy more than 60% of the global market this year after an average annual production growth rate of more than 20% in recent years, becoming a new oligopoly in the international glass fiber market

therefore, it has excellent results in aviation, rockets, spacecraft, high-pressure vessels and other products that need to reduce self weight. FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material, which has good resistance to air, water, acids, alkalis, salts of general concentration, as well as a variety of oils and solvents. FRP instrument and equipment shell, but its shortcomings are also obvious, that is, its resistance to long-term high temperature is relatively poor. Generally, FRP can not be used for a long time under high temperature. The strength of general polyester FRP decreases significantly when it is above 50 ℃. Generally, it is only used below 100 ℃. The strength of general epoxy FRP decreases significantly when it is above 60 ℃

(III) 4) is an inorganic fiber, which is non combustible and has good chemical resistance. (5) Low water absorption. (6) Good dimensional stability and heat resistance. (7) Good processability, can be made into strands, bundles, blankets, fabrics and other different forms of products. (8) Transparent through light. (9) The development of surface treatment agent with good adhesion to resin is completed. (10) The price is cheap. (11) It doesn't burn and can melt into glass beads under high temperature

FRP instrument and equipment shell manufacturers

(10) low price. (11) It doesn't burn and can melt into glass beads under high temperature. Excellent physical and chemical properties of FRP furniture FRP has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, heat insulation, heat resistance, insulation, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic wave transmission, low temperature resistance and so on, which can be applied in many environments and fields. FRP Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. large-scale experimental machine manufacturer, instrument and equipment shell manufacturer, FRP is an anisotropic material. In addition, its formula and additives have a wide range of selectivity, which can be artificially adjusted, so that its physical and chemical properties have greater room for adjustment

pay attention to the domestic demand for glass fiber yarn, expand domestic demand, and maintain the sustainable development of the domestic economy

(IV) compared with traditional wooden furniture, fiberglass furniture has the advantages of excellent mechanical performance, good gloss and feel, good fire resistance, high stiffness, long service life, corrosion resistance, heat and humidity resistance, no fear of scalding, mold resistance, water resistance, fire prevention, etc., especially it does not contain formaldehyde and other volatile substances of wood-based panel furniture on human body, and the product quality meets national standards, Its fire performance meets the test standard requirements of the national fire equipment quality inspection center

FRP instrument and equipment shell manufacturers

if they are bonded together with synthetic resin, they can be made into various hard products with fixed shapes, which can not only bear tensile stress, but also bending, compression and shear stress. This constitutes a glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix composite. The manufacturer of FRP instrument and equipment shell has the same strength as steel, contains glass components, and also has the same color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation and other properties as glass. Like glass, this easy-to-understand name "FRP" has been formed in history. This term was proposed by Comrade laijifa, the former Minister of the Ministry of building materials industry, in 1958, and expanded from the building materials system to the whole country

affected by the international crisis in 2008, the export situation of glass fiber was very serious. In the period of the international economic downturn and the current oversupply, it was necessary to speed up the development and application of downstream products of the glass fiber industry to comply with the current national policy

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