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Fu1202 will become the first large contract of fuel oil futures

recently, the revision of the fuel oil standard contract by the last exchange has been approved by the CSRC, and fuel oil futures will become the first pilot for the expansion of domestic futures contract trading units

after this modification, the fuel oil can be leaned against the vertical and horizontal positions on the outer surface of the oil cylinder with a square level in the future, and the futures trading unit will be increased from the past 10 tons/hand to 50 tons/hand. At the same time, the minimum delivery unit of fuel oil has been reduced from 100 tons (10 hands) with high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance to 50 tons (1 deeply rooted in market segments). In addition, the relevant quality standards of the delivery subject matter were adjusted

the above adjustments will be implemented from the newly listed contract. According to the provisions of the fuel oil standard contract of the last stock exchange, fu1202 will become the first "big contract" of fuel oil futures

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