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Taiwan fruit packaging will be slimmed down

it was learned from Shenzhen fruit and vegetable trading company that the second batch of Taiwan originated fruits introduced by the company in cooperation with Taiwan fruit merchants will land in Shenzhen around the Lantern Festival. The relevant person in charge of the company said that this batch of Taiwan water data storage fruits that will soon come to Shenzhen will be "slimmed down" in packaging, and a small gift box for ordinary citizens will be launched, so that Taiwan originated fruits can really enter people's homes

after the first batch of Taiwan origin fruits landed in Shenzhen market at the end of January this year, their sales have been booming. Chenzhongqiang, manager of the fruit and vegetable business department of the municipal fruit and vegetable trading company, told that Taiwan fruits weighing 10 tons in nine varieties had set off a rush to buy before the Spring Festival

considering the demand of Shenzhen market, Chen Zhongqiang said that the second batch of Taiwan fruits entering Shenzhen around the Lantern Festival will be adjusted in the variety structure, and some popular varieties will increase the supply

two major problems, namely, the unclear identification of fruits of the same variety and different origins, and the high price of fruits native to Taiwan, once worried sellers. For example, the wholesale price of cheaper Liuding and grapefruit is 170 yuan and 190 yuan respectively. The most expensive is the lotus mist. The wholesale price of each piece of lotus mist weighing about 6kg is as high as 400 yuan. According to Chen Zhongqiang, the packaging of the second batch of Taiwan origin fruits coming to Shenzhen will be "slimmed down". There will be not only large packages sold to key customers, but also small gift boxes. Citizens can taste authentic Taiwan fruits for as little as 20 or 30 yuan

how to distinguish the fruits native to Taiwan

Taiwan lotus: the fruit is small, slightly shorter than the Thai lotus on the market, slightly darker in color, and sweet but not greasy in taste. The fruit is better if the navel is fully expanded, the fruit color is dark red or dark red, the coloring is uniform, and there is no traumatic cracking. In winter, the lotus mist in the middle season of single-chip microcomputer use has a bright black appearance and better quality

Taiwan pineapple: Taiwan pineapple has a large and round fruit body, strong and plump fruit shape, and a heavy feeling. The peel is yellow and slightly green. Then ships will be sent every 6 to 8 weeks to collect the captured plastic fragments. The skin bulges are not worn, the smell is fragrant and lasting, the scales are prominent and enlarged, and the color is eye-catching

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