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Fruit wrapping paper made into exquisite wedding dress

today, the 32nd issue of community weekly, a multimedia electronic magazine jointly created by this newspaper and Zhejiang Wanli University, met with readers. In this issue, Wu Hua and Chen Chen, two community workers of Haishu waterfront mood community, will take you to the waterfront mood community on the most comprehensive outcome day of winter output to see how different fashions there are between the stadium and the community park in this new community

the elderly in Haishu Meiyuan community played childhood games

last week, a lively and interesting garden party was held in the small square in front of gate 5, Zijin lane, Meiyuan community, Yuehu street, Haishu District, with the participation of Leqi, a large harmonious family, especially in the case of sea transportation

among them, kitten fishing is the most popular game, and most of the players are white haired elderly people. Several old people bent over the table, holding a thin rod, carefully fishing for fish. Although the fish is made of paper, the old people still have fun, squinting their eyes, holding their breath, and carefully put the hook around the fish mouth with a small wire circle. We used to play this game (Ningbo old saying: often) when we were young. We haven't played it for decades. Everyone laughed and played, as if they were back in childhood

panhonglei, a community worker in Meiyuan, said that although everyone lives in the same community, there are not many opportunities to communicate with each other. Through such activities, let everyone go out of their homes, get to know each other, and strengthen communication with each other. In such a winter, it is also a rare warmth. Everyone also said that, in fact, the most interesting thing in the game is that everyone competes with each other and cheers on each other in the game, and the excitement in the old wall door, which has not been seen for a long time, has returned to us

Jiangdong OCT community sweater knitting competition weaves warmth

a good mother sweater competition was held in Jiangdong OCT community in Dongliu street last week. The skillful mothers and knitting experts in the community came one after another to show their favorite works and discuss knitting techniques with each other, adding a warm color to the cold winter. Last time, a knitting lecture was held in the community, and experts were invited to teach mothers knitting skills. Overseas Chinese town community staff Wang Xianjun said

in the activity, everyone put carnations on the works that they think have the best weaving skills, so as to determine the champion. Last hope 2 Due to the oscilloscope, a small yellow sweater received the most flowers and became the first in this competition. After the game, mothers exchanged their knitting experience and discussed their unique knitting skills. The scene was very lively. The weaver of the champion sweater naturally became the object of everyone's pursuit

the residents participating in the competition said that here we are learning from each other's knitting skills, and more importantly, we can experience the meticulous care and deep love of everyone for their families

the operation of Haishu Baoshan plastic granulator covers a wide range of areas. Fruit wrapping paper is used to make wedding gowns

is there an unbeaten flower in this world? What can fruit wrapping paper do? Can disposable chopsticks and old boxes become handicrafts? These strange questions were answered in a skillful neighbor competition themed "love family, love life" held in Rongan Jiajing community of Baoshan community last week

in the handicrafts exhibition that residents are most satisfied with, you can't stop seeing all kinds of handicrafts, such as the beading of double dragons playing with beads, the bouquet of yingri lotus with a different red color, and the cross stitch of tiger weather. People have to sigh that life is beautiful and creativity is infinite. As long as you move your mind, waste products can also become works of art

the most eye-catching is a special wedding dress. This wedding dress is no different from an ordinary wedding dress when viewed from a distance or close. You can only know by rubbing it with your hand that this material is paper, and it is usually used to make fruit packaging paper. When you take a closer look, this wedding dress can be described as amazing, because it not only looks lifelike, but also can be worn

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