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New fruit and vegetable packaging products appear frequently

with economic development and technological progress, food packaging is particularly important. At present, developed countries have strengthened the research and development of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging, and have made many achievements. New fruit and vegetable packaging products with different characteristics and functions have become popular among food manufacturers

in order to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during air transportation, American medical masks have become a hot commodity in the market. A food company has invented a new method to reduce oxygen content and increase nitrogen content in packaging boxes to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Using this method, a new type of packing box with air conditioning performance in air transportation is made. There is a special film in the packaging box, which can absorb oxygen molecules and let nitrogen pass through. In this way, after the air enters the packaging box through the film, the nitrogen content in the box can be up to more than 98%, so as to slow down the respiration of fruits and vegetables, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. An American company has also developed a package that can keep the cut fruits and vegetables fresh. It uses cheese and acetyl monoglyceride extracted from vegetable oil to make a special covering film. This transparent, edible and film free film is pasted on the surface of the cut melons, fruits and vegetables, so as to prevent the dehydration and blackening of fruits and vegetables and prevent the invasion of microorganisms

at present, the research on food packaging around the world mainly focuses on material selection and production technology, and its results are obvious. Japan launched a disposable fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film, which is made of two layers of nylon semi packer 'target' with strong water permeability=_ Blank> it is composed of transparent membrane, and sugar with high osmotic pressure is installed between the two layers. The center not only serves domestic customers, but also syrups. Using this kind of fresh-keeping film to package melons, fruits and vegetables can slowly absorb the water exuding from the surface of fruits and vegetables, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping. A Japanese food company has produced a kind of fruit fresh-keeping packaging box, which is to add a layer of polyethylene film on the corrugated paper lining of the corrugated box, and then apply a waterproof wax coating containing a trace of fruit disinfectant, so as to prevent the evaporation of fruit moisture and inhibit respiration, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping, which can make the fresh-keeping period as long as one month

Israel has recently developed a new fresh-keeping packaging method for flowers, which solves the problem that flowers are easy to wither after cutting. This method is to improve the plastic with bubbles, which is usually used to pack computers and electronic instruments, and make a new kind of packaging. Putting this kind of packaging into the box containing flowers as the lining can not only reduce the temperature in the box by several degrees, but also reduce the amount of oxygen outside the box and play a good role in keeping fresh

in recent years, edible packaging has become a popular technology. An edible fruit preservative made by a British company is a translucent lotion made of sugar, starch, fatty acids and polyester. It can be covered on the surface of apples, oranges, watermelons, bananas, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables by spray, brushing or dipping, and the fresh-keeping period can reach more than 200 days. Because this preservative forms a sealing film on the surface of the fruit, it can prevent oxygen from entering the interior of the fruit, thus prolonging the ripening process of the fruit and playing a fresh-keeping role. This preservative can also be eaten with the fruit

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