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Fruit packaging is tailor-made for festivals

according to insiders, preparations for the supply of double festival fruits began before the new year. Famous, special and high-quality new fruits have been listed on a large scale all over the country, and a fruit merchant in the urban area has launched a "etiquette fruit basket" service to grab the market, which has become a highlight of the current sales link

recently, I visited the fruit market in the urban area on the fruit supply during the Spring Festival. In Hexi fruit wholesale market, cars and tricycles loaded with fruits come in and out, and fruits from all over the country are coming on the market. Some merchants said that since autumn is the peak period of fruit production in China, the fruit market in winter is the time of the year when there are the most abundant varieties. Just as the festival is coming, it is a time for all princes to compete, ship busily, and compete with each other to receive the cooling medium flowing out of the overflow mouth due to excessive addition. According to statistics, there are more than 30 varieties of domestic fruits on the market, including sugar orange, Hongjiang orange, honeydew, Shatian pomelo, Mandarin, Fuji apple, pear, red carambola and other high-quality fruits, as well as locally produced bananas and introduced Taiwan fruit guava, lotus, etc. for high precision. In addition, there are more than 20 kinds of foreign fruits, such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, red snake, kiwi fruit, Hongti and so on. The supply of holiday fruits is sufficient and the price is stable

at the same time, the most eye-catching thing is the "Liang Haoji" fruit supermarket on the east side of Hedong market. At present, it offers a customized ceremonial fruit gift basket service to meet the needs of Valentine's day and Spring Festival. This service is still very rare in the fruit sales link of our city (as shown in the picture, photographed by Chen zaidao). It is understood that due to the improvement of citizens' living standards, consumption is rising year by year, and fruit has become a major theme of festival consumption. At present, in addition to giving full play to its advantages in wholesale, retail, quality, price and service, the store has also launched three etiquette fruit basket services to meet consumers' festival needs, including "etiquette type" fruit baskets suitable for public relations visits; There are "warm" fruit baskets suitable for family reunion; There are "romantic" fruit baskets suitable for entertaining couples. Because these three fruit baskets have excellent fruits, reasonable collocation, appropriate price, and provide free door-to-door delivery service, they are favored by many consumers. At the scene, aunt Xiao, a citizen who came to do the new year's shopping in advance, not only ordered a "ceremonial" fruit basket, but also ordered more than 10 boxes of sugar oranges, apples, and mandarin oranges, which are necessary for the Spring Festival and the new year. In addition, the store also provides red wine, chocolate, round meat, seafood, candy, New Year cakes and other new year products, giving customers a richer choice of consumption

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