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There are huge business opportunities in the fresh-keeping packaging market of fruits and vegetables

at present, 80million tons of vegetables and fruits decay every year in China, with a total loss value of nearly 80billion yuan. Among them, the most important cause of fruit decay loss is improper packaging. Experts believe that at present, China's fruit and vegetable preservation industry has technology and market, but it lacks capital investment. Market competition is not standardized and mature professional operation

in recent years, developed countries have strengthened the research and development of fresh-keeping packaging for fruits and vegetables, and made many achievements. A Dutch company used microwave to heat fruits, vegetables and fish food to 72 ℃ in a very short time (2 minutes), and then put the processed food on the market at 0 ℃ -4 ℃, which can be stored for days without deterioration

in China, for a long time, we have paid more attention to the cultivation of agricultural products before and during production, but neglected the preservation and storage after delivery, resulting in "previous work and later abandonment", and heavy losses. In many developed countries, the postpartum loss rate of agricultural products is only about 1.7% - 5%; However, in China, the loss rate of fruits and vegetables is 20% - 30%, and the average loss of grain is 14.8%. Reducing the decay loss of fruit and vegetable products, improving the utilization of agricultural resources and increasing the added value of agricultural products have become an urgent task of agricultural modernization

China's huge fresh-keeping market has attracted some foreign enterprises to enter. Some insiders believe that the prospect of the fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping industry market in the coming years is very attractive. For this emerging industry, early entrants will benefit early

the main problems of fruit and vegetable products and food storage and preservation in China include incomplete cold chain, slow pace of practicality and so on. Industry insiders estimate that China's fresh-keeping technology has a market of up to 60billion yuan. At present, the urgent problems to be solved are: the government departments need to take the lead to promote and publicize, and use typical demonstrations to make farmers and food processing enterprises understand the benefits of promoting fresh-keeping technology and enhance their fresh-keeping awareness; We should formulate and improve the safety standards and normative systems of food hygiene, strictly implement them, and promote the promotion of fresh-keeping technology by laws and regulations; Establish intermediary agencies for fresh-keeping technology services, promote the cooperation between suppliers of fresh-keeping technology and equipment and banks and investors, drive most fruit and vegetable bases and food enterprises across the country, and establish a number of advantageous, distinctive and basic fresh-keeping enterprises, so that these enterprises can become the backbone to guide the strategic adjustment of Agriculture, rural economic structure and food industry. This is a major test force for the production technology of lightweight packaging materials, Accelerate the industrialization of agricultural products and food preservation, improve the overall level of agricultural products and food processing industry and international market competitiveness, so that distinctive fruits and vegetables can be preserved and stored, so that they can be produced in one season and supplied in four seasons

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