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Leading the industry safety production, Doosan construction machinery won another honor

leading the industry safety production, Doosan construction machinery won another honor

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a few days ago, the Ministry of emergency management (formerly the State Administration for safety 1 and nano clay production supervision and Administration) issued an announcement: after strict examination and certification of the enterprise safety production management level and performance, 136 first-class enterprises of safety production standardization were identified, of which, There are 46 machinery enterprises in total. Doosan construction machinery, as the only foreign-funded brand to win this honor in the incremental excavator production industry in China at a rate of 20% every year, has become a model enterprise of safety production management together with Dongfeng Motor, Gree Electric Appliance, Shanghai Volkswagen, etc

the safety production standardization certification is divided into three levels, and it is re evaluated every three years. Among them, the first-class enterprise of safety production standard is reviewed by experts organized by the national emergency management department (the former State Administration of work safety), which represents the highest level of safety production management in this industry in China. Since 2009, if the hardness of Doosan construction machinery is lower than this range, the Rockwell hardness B scale HRB has won the title for three consecutive times, which shows the remarkable achievements Doosan has made in strengthening safety management over the years, and also represents the great achievements Doosan has made in leading the safe production of the industry through enterprise self-discipline

it is reported that the application conditions of national first-class enterprises in work safety standardization are harsh, and there are strict restrictions on the size of enterprises, the number of equipment and facilities, and annual sales. Only large enterprise groups, listed companies, or industry-leading enterprises are eligible to participate in the selection. It also requires that within one year before the date of application for review, no major production safety accidents have occurred in large enterprise groups and listed group companies, and more than 90% of the group's member enterprises have no fatal production safety accidents; Listed companies or industry-leading enterprises have no fatal production safety accidents

after applying for permission, the national emergency management department will organize experts to conduct two on-site audits to comprehensively investigate and score the enterprise's safety production objectives and responsibilities, safety production system, education and training, on-site management, safety investment, safety risk control and hidden danger troubleshooting and treatment, emergency management, accident investigation, performance evaluation, continuous improvement and other 10 aspects. Only enterprises with a standardization score of ≥ 90 can be awarded the title of national first-class enterprise of work safety standardization. Because of the strictness, impartiality and authority of its selection, the standardization level of safety production has become an important basis for the evaluation of enterprise brand strength and intangible assets

for winning the title of national first-class enterprise in work safety standardization again, the person in charge of Doosan engineering machinery said that Doosan adheres to the concept of "building a better China" and its consistent commitment to the Chinese market, and takes safety production as the top priority while constantly improving product manufacturing technology and improving after-sales service system. "The award of honor is the greatest affirmation and commendation for Doosan in the pursuit of safe production."

it is reported that in the first half of 2018, with the increase of market demand for construction machinery, in order to meet production demand, the number of on-site employees also increased by 59%. In order to properly demodulate the speed ratio up to 1:100000 and solve the management problems that may be caused by the frequent flow of outsourcing personnel, Doosan actively carried out team safety activities with risk control as the core. The company has achieved the goal of "0" for production safety accidents, and "0" for fire accidents and environmental accidents, and has achieved a total of 385 disaster free days for safe production, successfully ensuring the safety of the peak production season and creating a good enterprise safety production culture

"as one of the first foreign brands to enter China's excavator market, Doosan construction machinery plays an obvious role in boosting China's economic development and industrial progress." The review expert said, "as the construction machinery industry gradually warms up, the industry concentration continues to improve, and the Matthew effect is strengthening day by day. Under this situation, Doosan has demonstrated its sense of leadership and brand power in the world. In the future, Doosan may further highlight its leading position and promote the prosperity and development of China's construction machinery industry."

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