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Domineering President dongmingzhu: few people in Gree talk about money now

Dong Mingzhu once wrote in her autobiography "chess in the world": "I have worked in Gree for 20 years, which is 20 years of fighting, fighting with the market, fighting with people, fighting with myself." 2014 is the 24th year that Dong Mingzhu entered Gree. Domineering President dongmingzhu: few people in Gree talk about money now. Dong Mingzhu once wrote in her autobiography "chess in the world": I have worked in Gree for 20 years, which is 20 years of fighting, fighting with the market, people and myself. 2014 is the 24th year that Dong Mingzhu entered Gree

Gao Leng, dare to say and offend people are the impression of Dong Mingzhu in the media circle in Beijing. He is iron fisted, strong and offends many people. This is the impression of Zhuhai people on Dong Mingzhu. In 2014, the storm of gambling with Lei Jun [Weibo] on a billion yuan has passed. It is ironic that Xiaomi invested in beauty. The two liars came together and once again pushed the air-conditioner saleswoman to the forefront

someone said to Dong Mingzhu: don't be outspoken, why do you want to be a villain? More kind-hearted people remind: are you afraid? Someone will retaliate against you then! Sitting in the product exhibition hall on the first floor of Gree Electric Appliance (43.18, 0.57, 1.34%) headquarters on Jinji West Road, Zhuhai, Dong Mingzhu calmly said: if no one comes out to tell the truth, what about made in China? What about our country

few people in Gree talk about money now

in May 2012, Dong Mingzhu took over as the chairman of Gree Electric Appliance, and Gree began the era of Dong. In 2013, the company's annual meeting of Gree Electric appliances was held in a military training base in Zhuhai. From Dong Mingzhu to all employees, they put on military uniforms and received a four-day training to live in military barracks, eat canteens and sing military songs together

Tan Jianming, assistant to the president and deputy chief engineer of Gree Electric appliances, clearly felt the acceleration in the past three years: president Dong's thinking is relatively advanced, and he is also very strict with us. She said that we must be innovative in doing things, otherwise don't do it! Many people were hard to understand at that time

Tan Jianming is responsible for commercial air conditioners. Once at an office meeting, Dong Mingzhu said proudly: you see how beautiful my home computer is, and I will make it into art in the future. Tan Jianming poured cold water and said: a really high-end air conditioner can't be seen. Dong Mingzhu is excited: the air outlet of your central air conditioner is too ugly. If you have the ability, you can eliminate the air outlet and make an invisible air conditioner. It's impossible. This is Tan Jianming's first idea. How can it be invisible? Closed 80 ~ 100hrh plywood must have somewhere to put it

Tan Jianming thought that Dong Mingzhu was just talking, and he may forget it after a while. Unexpectedly, Dong Mingzhu was obsessed with it and soon called to ask about the progress. Tanjianming had no choice but to spend a year making a two door closed air conditioner. Tan Jianming told the project team: this year is going to be a good year, lest she call me. Who knows, Dong Mingzhu looked at it and scolded: so ugly! It must be concise and made into one door. It took another year for Tan Jianming to make an invisible air conditioner that Dong Mingzhu was satisfied with

besides sleeping, workaholic Dong Mingzhu spends almost all her time and energy in Gree, which is also her requirement for her subordinates. There is a slogan hanging in Gree's workshop: the most terrifying thing in the world is that people who are better than you work harder than you

the biggest change in recent years is people. Dong Mingzhu said that few people in Gree talk about money now, and I can hardly hear what I work hard now

in the past, you could make a living, but now you can't.

a story about Dong Mingzhu's prohibition of employees from eating snacks and fines was spread in Gree's corporate culture manual. In Gree, many departments can't go to work, chat, or call home to chat. In that case, the efficiency will definitely be greatly reduced

under serious management, the speech of personal worship, focusing only on marketing and excluding technicians began to spread. Dong Mingzhu was angry: most people who said these words had problems, because in the past, they could make money at will, but now there is no chance; In the past, you could make a living, but now you can't; In the past, the assessment of cadres was sometimes slapped on the head, but now there is a set of quantitative standards, one-on-one, face-to-face talk, your problems and your achievements are clear, and you can't get the bonus by fooling. Such a person must be unhappy

Dong Mingzhu is very strict in employment. Her instructions to the human resources department are: social recruitment should be cautious and campus recruitment should be bold. Dong Mingzhu once said: in Gree, there is an unwritten rule that no matter how capable they are, they will not be accepted in principle as long as they come out of peer enterprises. It's not that there are many defectors in the original enterprise, but most of them are interests. Or personal interests are in the Pearl River Delta. In fact, there are many commercial spies. At the instigation of the original company, they go to other companies to hide for several years, and then resign to bring back some business secrets of the new company to the original company

Dong Mingzhu's principle is that all talents are trained by Gree itself. After taking over as the chairman of the board, Dong Mingzhu promoted the training section under the human resources department to the training department, and established a strict training and post assessment system. Gree's tradition is that there should never be oil leakage (water) and layoffs due to the off-season sales of air conditioners. Dong Mingzhu has a famous saying: as long as we are willing to go with us, we will not leave any of them. However, Gree also doesn't raise idle people. It has strict zero tolerance clauses, and employees will be dismissed if they violate them

because Gree's salary is only at the upper middle level in the industry, some R & D personnel choose to leave after seriously managing when the load can no longer rise. At the same time, many peers also frequently come to Gree to dig people. In 2014, it was reported that Gree appliances was under siege. Dong Mingzhu dismisses this article on the Internet: I think it is precisely in the past two to three years that our technicians have found a sense of respect and self-worth

most of Gree's post-80s children can resist temptation, and others will not be moved even if they give several times their annual salary. Dong Mingzhu cited the examples she saw in her circle of friends. Of course, some of them also left. But I looked back, but it was inseparable. People who left Gree, the collective, generally did not last more than a year

the struggle philosophy of domineering President

since taking over as chairman, Dong Mingzhu's domineering spirit has spread from Gree's internal and dealers to competitors, business circles, Internet and social public opinion

in the new normal of the economy in 2014, the growth of the home appliance market was weak, and Gree, the world champion of air conditioning for nine consecutive years, was also under great pressure. On the National Day this year, Dong Mingzhu, who has always been on the high price line, played a price reduction promotion card. She said to the dealers: in the past, we used to release too much water, giving those inferior products room to live. When you sell an air conditioner with high profit, others have sold many air conditioners

rivals were worried. Someone asked dongmingzhu through the household appliance Association: what does Gree want to do? What direction do you want to take the enterprise? Dong Mingzhu responded: what do you care about me

domineering President dongmingzhu called his style a philosophy of struggle. She once wrote in an autobiography "chess in the world": I have worked in Gree for 20 years, which is 20 years of fighting, fighting with the market, people and myself

in my work, I will put forward various strict requirements for colleagues and dealers. Some people may call this kind of strictness overbearing. Dong Mingzhu said that others thought I was hurting him. In fact, I was helping him and wanted him to reflect

Dong Mingzhu: no matter what cloud is in the sky, zero distance from consumers is the most important

q: Gree doesn't seem to be interested in smart appliances

Dong Mingzhu: now everyone is talking about smart appliances. Using a router to connect products is called smart appliances? Is it intelligent to turn on the air conditioner outside? I think it's too childish

q: what about interconnected thinking

Dong Mingzhu: the three most popular words now are Internet. People say that Dong Mingzhu's thinking is old-fashioned. Now you have to sell products to the post-90s and post-80s generation. I don't think so. Our air conditioner should be delivered to others in a down-to-earth manner. Our household appliances, electric cookers and fans can be kept unchanged for 6 years. The primary standard for manufacturing products is to ensure that the products are not bad. It is fatal to say that you are an Internet product without such a commitment every day. We should be negative to young people and should not mislead them with concepts or virtual things

q: does the cooperation with tmall count

Dong Mingzhu: This is not Internet thinking, it is just an addition of a marketing model, but a change in the way we buy things. No matter whether it is connected or not, and no matter what cloud is in the sky, it is the most important to achieve zero distance with consumers

I told the dealers that the era of profiteering has passed. The good thing of making 1000 yuan or 500 yuan by selling an air conditioner is now gone. It depends on scale sales and service to create benefits. Any dealer who wants to earn a high price will have to leave Gree

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