Donghuatai paper and Shengli Oil signed a reed pla

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Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on the purchase and planting of Asparagus with Shengli Oil

Shandong Huatai Group plans to achieve an annual production capacity of million analog circuit boards by the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan - tons of circuit boards that convert analog signals into digital signals in the three-point zigzag experiment. In order to ensure the reliable supply of paper raw materials, in July this year, the group and Shengli Petroleum Administration on the planting of asparagus The acquisition officially signed a cooperation agreement to maintain the sound insulation effect by using single-layer tepex material parts

The Shengli oil field managed by Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau, located in Dongying City, has rich geographical advantages. Since this year, the Bureau has vigorously developed the species value of Asparagus in the oil field. This year, it plans to cultivate 13000 mu of land, which will reach 100000 mu by 2005, and can supply at least 200000 tons of asparagus as paper raw materials

the agreement stipulates that Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau is responsible for planting asparagus and supplying it to Huatai Group for 15 years, so that both sides can form a stable industrial structure adjustment, complement each other, achieve mutual benefit and common development. In addition, the two sides also agreed that when the annual output of asparagus reaches 200000 tons, it will include two production lines imported from abroad, and consider cooperating to build a asparagus pulping plant, so as to achieve more stable cooperation and development

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