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Dongsheng Town, Guangdong Province will cultivate a 10 billion level numerical control machinery industry cluster within three years. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Dongsheng town will face a new round of development opportunities. How will Dongsheng town develop in the future? Recently, Wang Liqun, Secretary of the Party committee of Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, was interviewed

"in the past five years, Dongsheng town has successfully responded to various challenges, further clarified its thinking and identified common faults: poor sensitivity of the dial pointer, and achieved a new leap in comprehensive strength." Wang Liqun, Secretary of the Party committee of Dongsheng Town, said in an interview a few days ago that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Dongsheng town has made considerable progress in economic construction, social governance, livelihood undertakings and so on

Wang Liqun said that Dongsheng town will also face a new round of development opportunities in the future. "During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Dongsheng town will strive to build itself into a higher-level economic strong town with coordinated industries and equal emphasis on quality and efficiency, a smart town with all-round docking with the main urban area and optimized functional layout, and a Hemei town with comprehensively improved people's sense of gain, happiness and security"

strive to add 100 enterprises above the upper limit of regulations within next year. Q: Secretary Wang proposed in this year's Party committee work report that Dongsheng town will face a new round of development opportunities in the 13th five year plan. What are these opportunities specifically

Wang Liqun: in the next five years, we are still in a period of strategic opportunities with great achievements. With the supply side structural reform, footwear stripping performance test: stripping is the key to the quality of finished shoes, driven by innovation, and the in-depth implementation of major deployments such as "made in China 2025", "Internet +", and big data, it is bound to accelerate the strategic adjustment of Dongsheng's economic structure and power transformation

in addition, the increasingly prominent regional advantages, gradually improved road infrastructure, and the accelerating formation of new development power and new development platform in our town have injected strong internal power into the sustainable development of Dongsheng during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Horizontal tensile testing machines adopt constant load control devices

ask: opportunities are often accompanied by some problems. At present, what are the major problems faced by Dongsheng Town in the process of economic and social development

Wang Liqun: we should seize the opportunity, and of course, we should clearly see some outstanding problems in our own development. First, industrial integration, the lagging development of the service industry, heavy historical debt, and the low hematopoietic function of the finance itself are still outstanding weaknesses, which restrict the process of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way

second, resource and environmental constraints are becoming increasingly tight, especially after years of cultivation, promising door industry, baseball industry, building materials industry, office furniture industry, etc. are facing the problems of land use indicators, environmental protection, planning and other elements. Breaking the element constraints has become an important topic in the next five years

ask: how to solve the prominent shortcomings such as the low hematopoietic function of finance itself

Wang Liqun: facing the weakness of the low hematopoietic function of the finance itself, our town will make full use of the national debt replacement policy for local governments, comprehensively improve the debt structure, resolve historical debts, reduce burdens, and move forward light. By introducing BOT or PPP mode, the existing public resources such as sewage treatment plant and Tanbei hospital in the town will be further revitalized to release the vitality of resources

in terms of strengthening tax work, this year our town has formulated the "Interim Measures for Dongsheng town to support new industrial enterprises above Designated Size" and other policies. In terms of points entry, enrollment, financing, power consumption, etc., we will favor Industrial Enterprises above the upper limit of the regulation, and strive to add 100 enterprises above the upper limit of the regulation within this year and next two years. At the same time, actively guide the healthy development of the real estate market. According to statistical data, in 2016 and 2017, Dongsheng developed 12 real estate projects, with a land area of more than 1000 mu

cultivate a 10 billion level numerical control machinery industry cluster within three years

Q: the equipment manufacturing industry has always been the dominant industry in Dongsheng town. What is the current development status of this industry

Wang Liqun: since being awarded the demonstration town of innovative application of NC generation mechanical products by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province in 2012, the equipment manufacturing industry in our town has developed rapidly, forming an industrial development pattern with a certain scale and characteristics. This year, equipment manufacturing enterprises have received a total of more than 30million yuan of provincial and municipal special funds for the development of equipment manufacturing industry and scientific and technological innovation funds, ranking second in the city

driven by the provincial and municipal work machine policies, there are currently 31 work machine warehousing enterprises in the town, ranking third in the city in total. In June, the sales revenue of machine tool enterprises in the town increased by more than 10% over the same period last year, and the development of equipment manufacturing enterprises showed a steady trend

Q: it is understood that Dongsheng town is preparing to build a Sino Hong Kong precision casting industrial park. What stage is it in? What benefits will it bring to Dongsheng's economic development after it is put into use

Wang Liqun: This is the embodiment of our active implementation of targeted investment promotion. Our plan is to build a China Hong Kong precision casting industrial park covering an area of about 300 mu, and strive to cultivate the CNC machinery industry into a 10 billion level industrial cluster within this year

at present, the development subject and fund-raising method of the industrial park have been preliminarily determined. Our town is actively seeking the land scale from the municipal government, exploring the inclusion of the park into the construction plan of "one district and multiple parks" in Zhongshan City, striving to connect with the resources of the city and promote the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry. The putting into use of China Hong Kong precision casting industrial park will further accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of our town, drive the extension and expansion of the industrial chain, usher in a new pattern of the development of our town's equipment manufacturing industry, and comprehensively improve the economic development level of the whole town

the baseball industry is facing unprecedented opportunities

Q: in recent years, Dongsheng town has been vigorously promoting the popularization and development of baseball, and has proposed the goal of building a "baseball town". What is the current development of baseball in Dongsheng

Wang Liqun: in 2006, the first baseball team in Zhongshan was born. Under the personal guidance of Liang Youwen, the son of Liang Fuchu, the "father of Chinese Baseball", he vigorously promoted and popularized baseball, and established Zhongshan baseball panda team and panda Baseball Softball club

at present, all 20 primary and secondary schools in the town carry out baseball, with a total of more than 500 young baseball players. Dongsheng high school has become a baseball and softball training base for Chinese middle school students, and 10 primary and secondary schools in the town have become soft softball experimental schools for Chinese students, basically forming an effective school level echelon. Since 2011, it has successfully held six "panda Cup" National Youth Baseball Invitational matches and five national youth baseball group a Championships. This year, the 9th Asian U12 Baseball Championship was also held in our town in December, which is the first international sports event held in our town. After ten years of development, baseball has gradually developed into a bright new business card of Dongsheng town

Q: the popularity of baseball and softball in China is not high, and there is still a big gap between the development speed and some overseas regions. So, is there any bottleneck or problem in the promotion of this work in Dongsheng town

Wang Liqun: the popularity and development speed of baseball and softball projects in Zhongshan and even the whole country is slow. The development of baseball has not been included in the overall planning of the development of the city's sports industry, and has not become a key development project of the city. There is a lack of support in funding, industrial development and other aspects

our town also encountered some difficulties in promoting the construction of "baseball town". For example, the popularization and promotion of baseball and softball projects should take the "road of combining sports and education", and the future sustainable development should take the "road of sports industrialization". However, the supporting operating mechanism has not been established, and regulations need to be established for athletes' college entrance and employment, coaches' rewards and punishments, intercollegiate leagues, equipment funds, athletes' management, etc

however, in recent years, the State Council issued several opinions on accelerating the development of the sports industry and promoting sports consumption, and the International Olympic Committee made it clear in August this year that baseball and softball will return to the Olympic Games in 2020, which has brought unprecedented opportunities for our town to build an International Baseball industry chain. Our town plans to integrate the development of the tertiary industry with baseball, rely on baseball games, cultivate an industrial chain integrating baseball equipment manufacturing, baseball industry, cultural tourism services, and ecological agriculture, and form a diversified development structure with the construction of baseball towns as the main body and ecological agriculture and tourism services flying together

solve the problem of "fault" of salt water song in five years

Q: not long ago, Zhongshan Dongsheng salt water song appeared on the stage of CCTV's "China Folk Song conference" and became a bright cultural business card of the place. Please talk about the situation of a strong cultural town

Wang Liqun: on October 8 this year, salt water singers and programs in our town appeared on the CCTV stage, which is a great encouragement to the inheritance and development of salt water songs in our town. In recent years, our town has actively implemented the strategic deployment of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to build a famous cultural city, established the development idea of a famous cultural town and a strong cultural town, and specially supported the work of salt water song. The first meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Dongsheng town held a few days ago clearly stated that during the "13th five year plan" period, our town will further expand its brand popularity and become a strong cultural town with characteristics that inherits the salt water song and highlights the style of Shatian water town in Lingnan

the inheritance and development of salt water song, a national intangible cultural heritage, is a key work in the future. At present, our town has set up a "salt water song inheritance and development fund" with a donation of 650000 yuan from the town finance and society, and established a salt water song inheritance and development center. In the next five years, our town plans to add two salt water song inheritance bases, one is the primary school under the town, and the other is Xuri middle school or Dongsheng middle school, in order to solve the problem of "fault" between primary and secondary schools

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