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Shandong longfu seized the commanding height of oil shale utilization

on August 20, it was learned from Shandong longkuang group that in the first seven months, longfu oil shale comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd. longfu company produced 62867 tons of shale oil and 30.7621 million kwh of power generation, which once again refreshed the record of shale oil production in Shandong Province, met the requirements of tensile test, achieved new breakthroughs in indicators such as gas sales electricity, and the oil shale refining industry showed a steady development trend

oil shale is a high ash solid combustible organic mineral associated with coal. Although the average oil content is between 14% and 18%, due to technical constraints, the degree of development and utilization is low, and it can only be sold as inferior fuel

the proved geological reserves of terrestrial oil shale in Longkou mining area are 191.4 million tons of snow white aluminum alloy flat ingots weighing 10 tons. At comparable prices, it is equivalent to a newly discovered oil field with reserves of more than 50million tons. In order to speed up the comprehensive utilization of oil shale, longkuang Group invested in the large particle oil shale refining project, built a gas power plant, built a recycling mode of burning oil shale to produce shale oil, generating gas and semi coke for power generation, and using shale ash as concrete bricks, which is listed as a national demonstration project for the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources. At present, the company has 40 retorts, with an annual processing capacity of 1.2 million tons of oil shale, and the oil production rate remains above 70%. Both the production scale and the technical level rank among the domestic advanced ranks

in order to break through the bottleneck of technical constraints, longkuang independently developed the first set of full cycle retorting furnace for retorting 8 ~ 40mm particle size medium grained oil shale in China, which increased the comprehensive utilization rate of oil shale from 30% to more than 60%, and the oil production efficiency is leading in China. By optimizing the process, not only the recovery rate of shale oil has reached more than 65%, but also how to do the tensile testing of polymer film? And effectively inhibit the cost increase caused by the dry distillation of secondary shale. Longkuang will also focus on breaking through the small particle oil refining technology, realize the full transformation of oil shale production, and build a national demonstration base

at present, longkuang group has taken over Weifang Wutu coal mine with a total oil shale resource of 28.2027 million tons, signed an equity transfer agreement with Huadian Fengtai oil shale company, and controlled Huadian Fengtai oil shale comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd. with 80% shares to build an oil shale comprehensive utilization base outside the province. At the same time, the company completed the cooperative exploration of Myanmar's oil shale resources, and took the first step in exploring international strategic cooperation in the oil shale industry

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