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Gree dongmingzhu: I hope the annual salary of front-line workers can reach 100000 in three years.

Gree dongmingzhu: if we compare the frequency of the ramp generator and the peak voltage of dynamic load with the given value, in the next three years, our front-line employees can get 100000 annual salary, and I think (they) will have a sense of security and happiness in Gree. The 1billion bet between Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun was regarded as a classic bridge between traditional manufacturing enterprises and Internet enterprises in the past year. However, Dong Mingzhu, chairman and President of Gree Electric, stressed that we are not a traditional industry

Dong Mingzhu believes that because China's extruder products are closely linked with strategic new industries, interconnection is a tool, and the era of interconnection belongs to all enterprises. Gree adheres to manufacturing and wants to become an innovative enterprise at the same time. In her eyes, Lian air conditioning, e-commerce channels and production automation are all interconnected applications. As long as technology continues to innovate, there will never be a ceiling

she hopes that with the advancement of automation and the improvement of workers' skills, front-line workers will also get an annual salary of 100000 in the next three years

many people believe that grasping the two ends of the smile curve, one is marketing, the other is technology, is the winner. Dong Mingzhu said, but I prefer to be the low-end strong manufacturer. Because if there is no manufacturing, the smile curve does not exist

Dong Mingzhu said: Although we are a manufacturing industry, we want to become an innovative enterprise that can create countless new technologies, and talent is the fundamental to solve all this

refinishing and shaping she revealed that Gree now has more than 7000 development technicians among its 80000 employees, and our goal is to reach 10000 technical R & D personnel next year

Gree has five research institutes and is now preparing to set up an engineering and technology college. Technology and project management are taught jointly by Germans and Gree, and culture and thought are taught by Gree itself

Dong Mingzhu said bluntly: we are too short of skilled workers, so we want to set up a joint engineering college with a German University, which is to rebuild Gree's employees at any level, cultivate more practical talents, and let everyone show their abilities

Gree began its research on automation in 2012. At present, Gree has begun to apply robots. Dong Mingzhu said: in the Internet era, it is entirely possible to achieve full automation. We already have some of our own patents

lattice so that the long axis of the sample and the tensile direction passing through the fixture centerline have a resultant force. In 2011, the per capita output value reached 900000 yuan, in 2013, the per capita output value reached 1.66 million yuan, and it will be higher in 2014. Dongmingzhu believes that the increase of labor cost is inevitable, and a good enterprise should rely more on its own technology (growth). While we are facing cost growth, we are more about transforming front-line workers from ordinary workers to skilled workers, raising per capita benefits. If our front-line employees can get an annual salary of 100000 in the next three years, I think (they) will have a sense of security and happiness in Gree

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