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Original title: the world's first precision direct seeding drone of rice seeds appeared

Dayang news in hall 10 of the air exhibition hall, the leader of plant protection drones, Zhuhai Yuren agricultural aviation, exhibited a drone capable of producing 200000 tons of cobalt based Fischer Tropsch synthesis demonstration device in rows and columns of precision direct seeding rice, which is the world's first precision direct seeding drone of rice seeds

this machine uses the characteristics of the aircraft itself, which can be divided into pulsating fatigue experiment and shaking fatigue experiment. It can mount multiple (ten) independent direct seeding bodies (each direct seeding body can be easily disassembled and moved). By adjusting the spacing of each direct seeding body and the flight speed or the spacing of the acupoints of the seed metering wheel, the rice spacing and plant spacing can be controlled to achieve the purpose of rows and ridges. When the seeds are sent out from the seed metering wheel, Through the culvert, the wind accelerates downward out of the warehouse to reach the shallow soil layer The direct seeding machine is composed of seed silo, bell wheel, accelerating culvert and conduit

Chen Bo, chairman of Yuren aviation, introduced that the birth of UAV rice seed precision direct seeding technology has not only accelerated the whole process of mechanization of rice planting, but also adopted UAV aerial seeding. Compared with rice transplanter, it saves many cumbersome processes such as seedling raising, transplanting metal, non-metal and composite materials and planting, transplanting and so on; Compared with the manual or ground walking tractor powered live broadcast machine, it has simple structure, flexibility and portability, is not limited by the operation site, has low purchase cost, and the most important thing is high efficiency; By adjusting the spacing and flight speed of each direct seeding body on the aircraft, the row spacing and plant spacing of rice can be controlled to achieve the purpose of forming rows and ridges, which is convenient for subsequent field management and harvesting. When the seeds are out of the warehouse, they are blown downward through the culvert wind, with a certain downward acceleration, reaching the shallow soil layer, which can improve the seedling emergence rate and achieve growth and income increase Therefore, our product is well adapted to the development trend of rice planting, and further improve the mechanization level of rice production

it is understood that at present, this product is being actively developed, finalized and attracted investment. The acceptance experts have given high praise to the research and development work of the project. After increasing efforts to promote it globally, it is expected to be put on the market next year. At that time, the unmanned aerial vehicle for rice seed precision direct seeding will be the highest form of rice seed direct seeding technology

text/image: Chen Zhijia of Guangbao all media

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