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Dongying city promotes the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, inspects 837 chemical production enterprises

Dongying city promotes the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, inspects 837 chemical production enterprises

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[China paint information] Dongying City attaches great importance to the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, organizes and formulates the work plan for the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, and defines the road map According to the timetable, at present, the work tasks in the four stages of mobilization and deployment, bottom-up investigation, enterprise self-examination and self-improvement, and rating and evaluation have been completed, and preliminary results have been achieved, boosting the upgrading of safety production level

Dongying City carried out an in-depth investigation throughout the city, and found that the use of screw extraction equipment in chemical industry will promote 4 (5) screw block production enterprises 837, and 24 chemical industry parks and concentration areas. On this basis, the safety evaluation index system is scientifically set up, and the safety production rating evaluation is organized. The site selection and layout, device and equipment technology, storage and handling, and wind friendship tips are set up. If there are unclear local insurance evaluation, there are 34 sub items in 7 categories, and each sub item is given corresponding scores, which are evaluated according to the score. It is clear that the city is responsible for formulating the standard system at the municipal and county levels, and the county, district and development zone are responsible for organizing the implementation as the main body of work. For the initial rating, the rating results shall be submitted according to the proportion that the number of "poor" enterprises in safety production is not less than 20% of the total number of enterprises in the jurisdiction. In order to ensure that "one ruler measures to the end" and uniformly grasp the standard scale, all enterprise rating and evaluation are entrusted to third-party institutions, and a one week business training is conducted for all participants before the rating work is started. The rating results are issued by the expert group, and other staff are not allowed to intervene. The enterprise "signs and endorses" the authenticity of the materials provided and the rating evaluation results of the expert group. At present, the first work safety rating has been completed, with excellent, medium and poor enterprises accounting for 28.57%, 45.65% and 25.78% of all enterprises participating in the evaluation respectively. In the future, the rating work will be carried out once a year and dynamic management will be implemented

through the rating evaluation, 7659 problems existing in the safety production of enterprises rated as "excellent" and "medium" were sorted out. The municipal and county law enforcement teams listed the items that need to be rectified one by one, issued rectification documents, and supervised and guided the rectification of enterprises. At present, 5190 rectification items have been completed; For "poor" enterprises, while organizing enterprises to stop production for rectification, comprehensively consider enterprise employees, bank loans, social stability and other factors, and formulate a disposal plan "one enterprise one policy" in strict accordance with legal procedures. At present, 175 "poor" enterprises have all stopped production for rectification. 171 of the original 837 chemical production enterprises identified in the city have been converted or dismantled and are no longer engaged in chemical production business

on the basis of full investigation and extensive consultation, Dongying Municipal government issued the "opinions on adjusting the layout of the chemical industry", determining that the development layout of the chemical industry adopts the "1+n" mode. Low carbon industry has a huge demand for rare earth permanent magnet materials, "1", that is, to build a national port petrochemical industry base, including Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, Hekou Blue Economic Industrial Park and Lijin Binhai New Area; "N" refers to the construction of key enterprise parks for several key enterprises that meet the corresponding conditions outside the national port petrochemical industry base. In principle, all newly-built chemical enterprises will enter the port petrochemical industry base in the future. Among the existing enterprises, in addition to the key large enterprises that meet the conditions, we will speed up the promotion of enterprise production conversion, relocation and transformation, or closure and elimination

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