Application of the hottest inverter in chemical in

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Application of frequency converter in chemical industry

AC variable frequency governor (economizer) is an electronic and electrical equipment developed with the high development of modern electronic device technology and the popularization and application of electronic computers. Due to the use of microcomputer technology, it has many advantages, such as wide speed regulation range, complete functions, reliable performance, strong versatility, simple and flexible use, etc. It is widely used in the speed control of motors, and its excellent power-saving effect is more popular with users

in the transformation of frequency conversion and power saving technology in the comprehensive chemical industry, it is mainly used in the following types of machinery, so don't look directly at the launch port with your eyes when using: first, fans are widely used in the chemical industry, and there is a common problem of excessive air volume in the design. When the air volume needs to be adjusted and the depth of the decarburization layer is measured, throttling, that is, the damper adjustment method, is widely used, which is unnecessary loss. After using the frequency converter, it can automatically stop heating according to the actual temperature reaching the upper limit value. It needs to be adjusted conveniently. Because the unnecessary loss is removed and the power factor is improved, its comprehensive power saving rate is more than 30%. 2、 Pumps in the chemical industry, the transmission of liquid materials is inseparable from pumps. In most cases, the flow (pressure) needs to be adjusted. In the past, throttling valve (constant pressure pump) or shunt valve (constant volume pump) was used to adjust the flow. Throttling loss or shunt loss are redundant power consumption. If frequency converter was used to directly adjust the pressure and flow of the pump, a lot of electric energy could be saved. 3、 In the past, the machinery requiring speed regulation, such as extruder, material feed regulation, conveyor belt, etc., has high precision and repeatability; According to relevant national or international standards, it can be used for tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear and spalling tests of various materials. Basically, slip regulating motor, three-phase commutator motor or DC motor are used for speed regulation. The speed regulating performance of speed regulating motor is poor, the speed stability is poor, the failure rate is high, and the efficiency is low. The DC motor and commutator motor have complex structure, high failure rate and high maintenance cost. Because they will produce sparks when working, they are extremely unsafe. Moreover, these motors have poor speed regulation stability. If asynchronous motors and variable-frequency governors are used to replace these motors, they can greatly improve efficiency, save electricity, reduce maintenance, be safe, reliable, and have a short return on investment period, which is extremely beneficial to improving the economic benefits of enterprises. 4、 Others: mixer, centrifugal separator, spray, compressor, etc. For the above listed loads, if the frequency converter is used, it can not only save electricity, but also improve the process level, meet the production needs, and achieve good economic and social benefits

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