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Application of intelligent protector in oil field electric submersible pump control system

sun Lili

Abstract: This paper introduces the function, software and application of motor protector in oil field electric submersible pump control system, and explains the necessity of applying motor protector to electric submersible pump

key words: intelligent protector function application of electric submersible pump in oil field

1 introduction

with the development of China's petroleum industry and the needs of oil field development, in order to improve the oil production speed and ultimate recovery rate of oil field, the application of mechanical oil production method is an important step in the whole process of oil field development. As an important mechanical oil extraction equipment, electric submersible pump plays a more and more important role in the exploitation of oil field

the electric submersible pump control system is composed of electric submersible pump control cabinet, GPRS transceiver, monitoring software, etc. Electric submersible pump control cabinet is used for the control of electric submersible pump in oil field. It is used for electric submersible pump with AC frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz, voltage of 380 to 2500V and current of 200A and below. Its core component is intelligent protector of electric submersible pump. GPRS transceiver is used to reuse waste plastics, which can also achieve the same printing effect, and upload the electrical parameters measured by the electric pump control cabinet and the process parameters of other instruments to the control system. The monitoring software is used for HMI operation

2 intelligent protector

intelligent protector realizes the protection, measurement and control functions of electric submersible pump. The ard3t motor protector of ankerui company is an exclusive protection product for electric submersible pumps. Ard3t products include main module, measurement module, switching value module, analog value module, temperature module and communication module, and are equipped with a screen to display measurement and protection parameters in real time

ard3t electric submersible pump intelligent protector

2.1 measurement function

intelligent protector with protective current transformer can realize three-phase current measurement and real-time display of current curve, and the current transformer can reach 10 times overload. Three phase voltage measurement and real-time display of voltage curve can be realized through external transformer. The multiples of current transformer and voltage transformer in the protector can be set arbitrarily according to the actual parameters. At the same time, the protector can measure the frequency and power, and can count the electric energy value used. The temperature value of the electric submersible pump can be measured through the temperature sensor. These parameters provide a basis for the protection of electric submersible pumps. At the end of loading, the loading handle should be placed at the unloading position

2.2 protection function

during the operation of the electric submersible pump for oil field, due to its working environment and other factors, the failure rate is very high. The traditional protector generally cannot protect the motor in time and effectively when the motor fails, which often leads to the burning out of the electric submersible pump and the shutdown accident. Ard3t intelligent protector is a product designed according to the current situation of electric pumps in oil fields and the actual production needs of oil wells in China, which can comprehensively protect electric pumps. It can detect and control the running condition of the motor and prevent the motor from being damaged due to abnormal operation

2.2.1 overload protection

there are many reasons for the overload of the electric submersible pump, including the failure of the protector or the unreasonable structure of the cable head, which causes the well fluid to enter the motor; The insulation performance of the motor is damaged during frequent voltage fluctuations and pump startup and shutdown; Sand production leads to long-term high load operation, resulting in excessive operating current, causing high temperature of cable core and damaging insulation; Submersible cable damage during downhole operation; The pump is stuck due to sand or impurities, etc. Various reasons ultimately show that the operating current is too large. When the motor runs over its rated current for a long time under overload, it will cause the motor to overheat, reduce the insulation and burn out. The protector calculates the thermal capacity of the motor according to the heating characteristics of the motor, and simulates the heating characteristics of the motor to protect the motor. The delay time of overload protection decreases by inverse time limit with the increase of current overload multiple

overload protection current time comparison table

overload characteristic curve figure

2.2.2 under load protection

when the load carried by the motor is pump load, the no-load or under load operation of the motor will cause harm, and the protector provides under load protection. The causes of under load of electric submersible pump mainly include tubing puncture, leakage of oil drain valve and pipe string leakage caused by sand setting pipe leakage; Insufficient liquid supply caused by poor formation liquid supply and foreign matter blockage of sand control screen; Sand plugging and mud plugging of pump and pipe string; The pump shaft and separator shaft are broken, etc. When the percentage of average current and rated current of three phases is lower than the under load setting value, the protector will act within the action (delay) setting time. The delay time of under load protection decreases by inverse time limit with the increase of current under load multiple

underload protection action time comparison table

underload characteristic curve

2.2.3 other functions

the product also has inverse time limit protection functions such as current imbalance, overvoltage, undervoltage, voltage imbalance; It has definite time limit protection functions such as phase failure, locked rotor, blocking, external fault, etc; Current historical data export and voltage historical data export functions; Customer clock in function; With fault recording function; Parameters are not lost when power is off

2.3 technical parameters

3 screens

the screen uses Kunlun Tongtai products, supplemented by proprietary software, which can display the running state of the electric pump in real time, which is convenient for the operation and maintenance personnel to observe and master the working condition of the electric pump on site

software interface:

main interface

voltage real-time curve

current real-time curve

event record

4 structure diagram of electric submersible pump control system

5 Conclusion

this paper introduces the function and monitoring interface of motor protector for electric submersible pump in ankerui oilfield. The use of this comprehensive protector can reduce electrical faults in motor operation and detect and control the running condition of motor, And prevent damage caused by abnormal operation of the motor

6 company profile

ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. [Stock Code:] is one of the few leading enterprises in China that provides intelligent power monitoring, power management, electrical safety and other systematic solutions for intelligent power users

since its establishment in June 2003, the company has focused on the R & D, production and sales of intelligent power instruments at the user end. Its product line covers the acquisition, measurement, measurement, monitoring, protection and system integration of low-voltage power signals at the smart power user end, mainly including network power instruments, intelligent motor controllers, guideway mounted watt hour meters, electricity sensors, photovoltaic combiner boxes, active filters 3, hardness meter regulator afterwave Medical clean power cabinet and other products, as well as intelligent power monitoring and power management, building energy consumption analysis and management, electrical fire monitoring, data center power consumption monitoring, photovoltaic power station monitoring, ZigBee (IOT) radio energy management and other system solutions

the company has Jiading district level technology center, which is a high-tech enterprise and software enterprise. He has participated in the drafting or preparation of many national and industrial standards for power instruments, such as gb/t "installed digital electrical measuring instruments", jb/t "low voltage motor protectors", gb/t "low voltage complete reactive power compensation devices", gb/t "residual current operated relays", etc. As of December, 2011, the company has more than 100 authorized patents and more than 70 computer software copyrights; ACR network power instrument is listed as a national key new product, and the company has formulated a scientific and fair fault treatment scheme, which has been listed as one of the key smart power enterprises by Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission

in 2007, the company's production base in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province was completed and put into operation. The plant area of phase I plant is 10000 square meters. It is the first enterprise in the intelligent power instrument industry to adopt lead-free SMT production process, which provides a guarantee for the industrialization and large-scale implementation of the company's products. In March, 2010, the company carried out technical transformation to carry out anti-static transformation in the workshop, so as to further improve the production environment. At the same time, MES management system was introduced in production, and bar code scanning was carried out in each process, so that the whole production progress and process were controlled. Basically realize paperless management, save production costs and improve management efficiency

the trademark and products of ankerui have been successively rated as a famous trademark and famous brand product in Shanghai. The products are widely used in major projects at home and abroad, such as the Shanghai WorldExpo project, the Guangzhou Asian Games project, the Costa Rica National Stadium project, the Beijing Tianjin high speed railway power monitoring, the Dunhuang 10MW photovoltaic demonstration power station, the Pudong data center of the Bank of China, the 500000 ton coking plant in India, and have won a good market reputation

Article source: electrical technology, 2014, issue 1


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author profile:

SUN Lili, female, undergraduate, engineer of Shenyang ankery power system integration Co., Ltd., whose main research direction is intelligent power monitoring and power management system

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