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XCMG hoisting machinery: the only one in the world! Third, the first crane

overview of the global high-end equipment manufacturing industry

the world's first crane is often praised

and XCMG is the only enterprise in the world that can achieve mass production of three 4000 ton crawler cranes in ten years

super equipment helps super project

1222, in Lianyungang Shenghong refining and chemical integration project, XCMG xgc88000 car 3 successfully completed the task of 16 million ton/year atmospheric tower head crane of Shenghong refining and chemical, the core equipment of similar units with the largest annual crude oil processing capacity in Asia

it is reported that this project is a major national construction project and one of the three major private refining projects supported by the State Council. It is included in the petrochemical industry planning and layout plan, which plays a positive role in stimulating manufacturing investment, optimizing the supply side structure, and making up for the short supply of petrochemical products. It is also important for breaking the monopoly of foreign products, improving the international voice, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's petrochemical industry It is of great significance to achieve high-quality industrial development

great power heavy equipment shows the strength of the king

at the project site, XCMG xgc88000 car 3 is used as the main crane, and the working condition of 102+33 m super lift special jib is adopted. With the cooperation of the kiloton tail sliding delivery crane, Qingtian giant smoothly starts, hoists, rises, luffs, rotates, and is in place, and successfully drives the 9.8 m diameter, 74 m height A comprehensive certification and evaluation of the testing ability and reliability of the testing institution by the metrological administrative department of the people's government at or above the provincial level. The atmospheric tower crane weighing 1600 tons was installed in place. The whole process was impeccable, including spiral, herringbone and crescent, which took less than two hours

this is the first crane of XCMG's third 4000 ton crawler crane after it was delivered to cnpc-1 Construction Co., Ltd. it perfectly explains the advantages of XCMG's high-tech, high added value, high reliability and large tonnage three high and one major technological innovation strategy. XCMG xgc88000 stars shine, marking the qualitative improvement of China's large-scale equipment hoisting strength

up to now, xgc88000 has become the first 4000 ton crawler crane product in the industry to be put into use, the most widely used, the most mature technology, the largest sales volume, and the only one in China to obtain EU CE certification and participate in the construction of major overseas projects

after ten years of glory, xgc88000 has participated in the construction of 26 large-scale projects at home and abroad, hoisting more than 100 thousand ton equipment, with a total lifting weight of more than 160000 tons. So far, it still maintains a lifting record of 2155 tons, and the total length of safe work is more than 9000 hours

aircraft carrier clusters lead industrial innovation

under the guidance of the policy of forming a new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation, the domestic economy has continued to recover steadily, China's petrochemical, refining and chemical, nuclear power industries have accelerated the layout, the trend of large-scale and integrated development of engineering equipment has become increasingly obvious, and the demand for large-scale equipment hoisting construction is increasing day by day

in this regard, XCMG will not let it go. China's Seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China, arranged by the national development and Reform Commission, will also inspect the construction of the oil delivery valve community level petrochemical industry base. The world's first crane xgc88000 has successively served five projects: Dalian Hengli and Lianyun should have anti loose installation; Gangshenghong, Fujian Gulei, Zhejiang Ningbo Yushan Island, Guangdong Huizhou Daya Bay project

Fujian Gulei petrochemical project

Dalian Hengli refining and chemical project

not only that, the 1000 ton aircraft carrier battle group, piloted by 4000 ton flagship and escorted by 2000 ton and 1250 ton flanks, is marching all the way to the north and South and dancing around the world with absolute leading strength, becoming the loudest business card in China's equipment manufacturing field and constantly leading the direction of industry development and innovation

XCMG 2000 ton crawler crane xgc28000

on the site of Shenghong refining and chemical integration project, XCMG's 1000 ton aircraft carrier group gathered in glory for the first time to work together to contribute to building a world-class refining and chemical project

XCMG 1250 ton crawler crane xgc16000

all boats compete for the best, and the one who works hard takes the lead; A thousand sails are launched, and the brave one wins. XCMG, based on excellent products and technological innovation, is constantly gathering upward strength, climbing the peak, striving for the first-class, building world-class products and brands, and is committed to climbing the Everest of the global construction machinery industry

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