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Application of intelligent community security system in Chongqing South Garden

with the arrival of the 21st century, the earth we live in is in an era of information revolution and knowledge economy. With the development of China's economy, the development of productivity and the improvement of people's living standards, housing must meet many requirements, such as office, education, entertainment, reception, fitness, storage, parking and so on, in addition to meeting people's most basic living requirements, At the same time, people put forward higher requirements for the comfort, convenience, safety and efficiency of life, resulting in intelligent residential areas. For a residential area, the safety of residents is the most important. In order to ensure the safety of property and residents in the community, various high-tech information technologies will inevitably be used to prevent and solve burglary and robbery crimes, various family disasters and accidents in the home park

"South Garden intelligent residential community" is located in Longjing Bay, Chongqing high tech Zone. It is a national well-off urban and rural housing technology industry project in 2000 and a smart residential demonstration community. It is a high-grade residential park with complete supporting facilities such as commercial and residential buildings, finance, commerce, culture, education and entertainment. The whole park covers an area of 47000 square meters and a construction area of 110000 square meters, which can provide a safe, comfortable and convenient high-grade living environment for 626 households living in the park

the security alarm system of the park mainly includes: closed-circuit television monitoring, anti-theft alarm, emergency button alarm, gas leakage alarm, smoke alarm, visual intercom, peripheral prevention, patrol management, etc. The handicraft security center in the park is responsible for centralized monitoring and management of all subsystems

1 closed circuit television monitoring system

the main function of this system is to assist the security system to conduct real-time monitoring of the surrounding prevention system of the community and the on-site situation of important directions of the community. Multiple cameras are used to monitor the public places in the park, the gate of the park, the underground parking lot and the perimeter of the community. When the security system gives an alarm, the camera will be turned on and the picture of the monitored area of the alarm point will be switched to the main monitor, and the video recorder will be started to record the scene at the same time. The system uses 32 × 5 matrix switching system, using the system console, the operator can select a camera at will and display its image on the monitor used. The operator can remotely control the camera lens through the joystick to expand the monitoring range and improve the on-site image definition

this system is equipped with a 16 channel zone alarm box and multimedia monitoring microcomputer. Realize the linkage with the infrared alarm monitoring around the community and the community management software (through the multimedia monitoring microcomputer)

2 perimeter prevention system

the perimeter prevention system of intelligent residential district is to prevent people from entering the district without permission from illegal population places and avoid various potential dangers. "South Garden intelligent residential area" adopts active far-infrared beam control equipment, which is used in conjunction with closed-circuit television monitoring system, with good performance and high reliability

the infrared detector of the system can automatically detect intruders and send out an alarm sound at the same time, without the need for security personnel to monitor the screen for a long time; The system adopts a low illumination night cat's eye color camera, which is shared day and night without adding lighting equipment; Rain, snow, cloudy weather and changes in the sun will not give false alarms to birds, leaves, fluorescent lights, etc

3 patrol management system

the patrol management system of "Southern Garden intelligent residential district" adopts dynamic real-time patrol system technology for park patrol computer management. According to the importance, actual route and distance of each patrol point in the park, the patrol routes in the park are optimized and combined into dozens of patrol routes by computer, which are stored in the patrol management computer database. The specific patrol route on duty is randomly determined by the computer to avoid collusion between internal and external crimes

there are different numbers of patrol points on each patrol route. The patrol points use a card reader to record the time when the patrol personnel arrive at each patrol point, the action of the patrol point and other information into the system. In the security center, the patrol quality can be checked by consulting the patrol records. In this way, there are assessment vouchers for whether the patrol personnel have patrol, whether they are lazy to bypass or reduce patrol points, and increase patrol time. This record can also be used to judge the approximate time of the case

4 visual intercom system home security system

"South Garden intelligent residential community" is an intelligent anti-theft alarm system integrating visual intercom, infrared anti-theft, door magnetic switch, gas leakage alarm, smoke alarm and emergency button alarm. The equipment is installed at the entrance of each unit of each building in the community, indoor residence and Security Center (management host). Each household is equipped with infrared probe, door magnetic switch, smoke detector, gas water heater, emergency alarm button, wall mounted black-and-white indoor visual interphone and alarm controller. The focus of each unit entering the current industry is the efficient and cost-effective production of various vehicle parts. A door host is set at the production port, and a set of management host is set at the security center. When guests visit, Press the outdoor button or the respondent's "Room number, the resident's indoor sub opportunity will send out a ringing tone, and at the same time, the display screen of the indoor unit will automatically open to show the visitor's image and outdoor situation. The host will pick up the machine to talk with the guest. After confirming his identity, he can remotely control the electric lock of the door through the unlocking key of the indoor extension to let the visitor enter. After the guest enters the door, the door closer will automatically close the door. The visual intercom system adopts the night infrared lighting design to make the day and night dark Visible at night

this system combines building intercom and alarm help, and rdquo; According to Liu Jianbo, chairman of Anda technology, it can connect with the microcomputer and is equipped with the corresponding management software. This creates good conditions for the intelligent integration of the whole community

the characteristics of the system are described as follows:

4.1 visual intercom system

the system uses password to unlock, and implements the one code system for one household, which ensures the confidentiality and uniqueness of password unlocking, and residents can change their passwords at any time. This system is equipped with an anti disassembly device. When someone destroys it, the host and the management machine will send out an alarm sound at the same time. The security center can monitor the working condition of the intercom system of each residential building in the community through the management host. If the entrance door of a residential building is illegally opened and the host or line fails before the talkback project is officially put into production, the community talkback management host will send an alarm signal and display the content and location of the alarm. The security center can also monitor the situation at the door of each building by dialing and gating the door of each building through the management host

the management host can carry 248 doorway machines and 6 sub management machines, which solves the management of multiple entrances and exits in the community. The management host can freely call each user extension and sub management machine, while the sub management machine can call the management host, other sub management machines and user extensions can carry out two-way intercom, and the user extension can also call the management host, so as to establish a communication link within a community. The system can be used to communicate between the property management department of the community and the residents and between the residents. For example, the property department informs the residents to pay various fees, the residents inform the property management department to repair the residential facilities, and the residents call the security personnel of the community or the neighbors for help in an emergency

4.2 home security system

"South Garden intelligent residential community" has a domestic first-class home security system in the residential room, which forms the intelligent security system of the park with the surrounding prevention, security monitoring, patrol management and visual intercom of the public parts of the park

home security system includes the following five items: door magnetic switch, infrared detector, gas detector, smoke detector and emergency alarm button. An alarm controller is set in each resident's home. It can connect five alarm sources (i.e. five defense areas), so that different probes such as door magnet, infrared detector, gas detector and smoke detector can be connected to different defense areas, so as to ensure that the alarm can be clearly distinguished from which one

5 park entry identification system

at the entrance of the park gate of "South Garden intelligent residential community", there is an intelligent access control system for residents to confirm their identity when entering the park and a parking lot management system for vehicle access identification. When people enter and leave the park and vehicles enter and leave the underground parking lot, they should use their own induction card, which can only be allowed to enter and leave after being recognized by the card reader

the security center of the community will issue the only sensor card corresponding to the cardholder to the park residents, temporary residents and visitors. Each induction card has been registered and authorized in the security center. When the holder accidentally loses the card, he should immediately notify the security center to report the loss and receive a new card. All card readers in the park are connected with the security center through the field control bus. It can accurately record the time of each cardholder's entry and exit. When any device in the system finds the use of the lost sensor card, the system will automatically alarm to remind the security personnel to deal with it

6 conclusion

with the rapid development of science and technology, security technology has also developed rapidly. The security system of intelligent park is developing in the direction of multi-function. It will be the product of the combination of modern detection technology, communication technology and computer network technology. Therefore, the security system of intelligent park at this stage is a comprehensive system including overall design, equipment selection, and improving management system. We must deal with the comprehensive relationship between project cost, system reliability and personnel operability. (end)

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