9 cases of failure maintenance of the hottest spin

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9 cases of spindle drive system fault maintenance (III)

case 8 Fault maintenance of main shaft unable to shift

fault phenomenon: a supporting FAGOR 8025mg system, a numerical control machine tool of model XK, as the temperature rises, the operator reflects that the shift time of the main shaft becomes longer, and after the oil temperature of the hydraulic station rises, the main shaft cannot shift to the high gear (above 1000r/min). From the operation panel, the high-speed gear light does not light up, and the spindle manual button flashes, prompting to jog the spindle; Press the jog button, the spindle rotates, the high-speed gear light is still not on, and the spindle manual button continues to prompt jogging

analysis and processing process: if the high-speed gear light is not on, it indicates that either the shift mechanism cannot shift gears, or the PLC cannot receive the high-speed gear position sensor signal. Considering that the sound of gear shifting cannot be heard, it is decided to check the gear shifting mechanism first. Open the headstock cover, see that the shift gear is in the low gear, input the speed of 1200r/min manually, hear the action of the shift solenoid valve, but the shift gear does not move, pull it out by hand, and it is estimated that it is stuck. The pipeline design of the shift and swing equipment is more convenient for the replacement of raw materials. Remove the cylinder, and then toggle the shift gear, which is flexible up and down, and there is no problem: screw the shaft end gear of the swing cylinder again, which cannot be screwed. Open it and check it, and it is found that its rectangular seal is broken, forming leakage. At the same time, the broken seal is stuck between the blade and the cylinder block, which will block it. This cylinder is an imported part. I couldn't find any accessories at that time. Later, I contacted the rubber factory and made a group of seals with silicone rubber, which have been used normally so far

case 9 Fault maintenance of z-axis overload alarm

fault phenomenon: a new machine tool of a certain factory, and the famous material supplier of the system, Jin min new material, has made a new breakthrough in the technology of spray free products, fanuc-omc. During production, there was No. 430 alarm, and the z-axis motor was heated; Stop the machine for half an hour and then start it again. The alarm disappears, but it can work again for a while, and the fault remains the same

analysis and treatment process: according to the fault phenomenon, it is estimated that the z-axis is overloaded, and the possibility of servo failure is smaller than last year. Through CRT observation of z-axis load, it is found that when z-axis stops, it is about 40%, and when it moves, it is more than 80%. In order to distinguish whether it is an electrical fault or a mechanical fault with too high or too low electromechanical pressure, the z-axis motor coupling is removed to disconnect the machinery, and then the operation fault will no longer occur; When the machine stopped, screw the z-axis screw rod by hand. It was found that it was laborious, so it was determined to be a mechanical problem. After the z-axis guide rail insert is slightly loosened, the z-axis load decreases significantly, about 20% when it stops and about 40% when it moves. The fault is eliminated

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