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The third academic exchange of polymer matrix composites of China composite society will be held in Weihai, Shandong Province. The third academic exchange of polymer matrix composites of polymer branch of China composite society will be held in Weihai, Shandong Province in August, 2011. The theme of this academic exchange meeting is "carbon fiber, composite materials and industrialization". The academic exchange and discussion will be carried out around the application and research needs of carbon fiber and its composite materials in the national economy and national defense construction. All members of the Committee and Jinan Times Copper Strip Tensile testing machine colleagues engaged in the research and industrialization of polymer matrix composites are strongly invited to actively participate

this academic exchange or careless scraping of sheet metal will be hosted by polymer matrix composites branch of China composite society and co organized by Weihai development Fiber Co., Ltd

main contents of the meeting:

1 Domestic carbon fiber technology and development

2 Composite high performance resin matrix

3 Low cost composite technology

4 Advanced composite manufacturing technology

5 Composite performance characterization technology

6 Research on application and industrialization of composite materials

the excellent academic papers collected at this conference will be published in the supplement of materials engineering in 2011. Materials engineering is a Chinese core journal, which is included in EI. Only Chinese manuscripts are accepted. Please do not submit more than one manuscript. The author should pay attention to the requirements of relevant national confidentiality regulations and be responsible for his own writing

when the paper deadline setting value is less than 10%fs, date: April 30, 2011

please submit your contributions to: nannannqi@; Or ng@

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