Quanzhou West Lake Park will build a Book rafting

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A Book rafting center will be built in the West Lake Park in the urban area of Quanzhou to provide reading places for citizens visiting the park. Recently, construction and decoration have begun

the book rafting center under renovation will become a reading place for citizens

the book rafting center is located next to the lotus pond in the South waterside pavilion in front of the Erythrina Pavilion in the West Lake Park. After completion, 15000 domestic genuine books will be invested, and services such as card handling and borrowing will be provided to citizens free of charge. The circulation of 15000 books is changed every quarter

since this year, West Lake Park has paid attention to the ecological environment construction of the park and improved the landscape of the park for many times: many Taiwan cherry trees have been planted on the east side of the south gate, and a piece of Persian chrysanthemum has been planted under the cherry trees, and waste potted Gardens have been opened on the wasteland near Peach Blossom Island; In order to facilitate the exercise of the general public, the park management office has also paved stone roads and increased walking routes at the North platform of the Erythrina Pavilion. (reporter Li Boling, correspondent Su Fangwen/picture)




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