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When I am engaged in selling wood burning fireplaces, I often encounter some fireplaces built with firebricks on villa construction sites. The simplicity of their construction often makes people feel “ Villa is out of place. The reason why we say this is because fireplaces (especially Wood Burning Fireplaces) are just emerging in China, and many people (including some industry personnel) don't understand it very well. Fireplaces are simply imitated with firebricks according to the fireplace pictures in movies or pictures on some websites. This kind of fireplace furnace has no surface and no heat insulation and smoke exhaust measures, which often turns the fireplace that originally occupied an important position in the living room into a “ Chicken ribs &mdash& mdash; It's a pity to abandon it, but it's impossible to use it (burning wood)! In some villas worth tens of millions, customers spent a lot of time and money on decoration. It is really regrettable that such works appear! As the old saying goes: a gentleman loves money and takes it in a right way! According to the practice of wood burning fireplace masonry work, and drawing lessons from foreign mature theories and processes, I summarized some common problems of brick fireplace (wood burning open fireplace)

when building fireplaces in villas, many people will want to follow the old practice of foreign countries. Without scientific transformation and protection of chimneys, simply build a furnace with refractory bricks and put firewood directly into the open wall hole for combustion. Such use is not scientific and economical, and it is quite dangerous

the chimney of domestic villas is similar to the real chimney in foreign countries in appearance design, but its internal structure does not meet the standard of direct burning firewood, and the furnace has not been professionally designed and transformed, which will leave a series of hidden dangers:

1. The chimney is designed with a large caliber &mdash& mdash; This is to facilitate the operation of the stainless steel flue in the future, and most of them go straight to the top. Without installing a stainless steel flue for fireplace, burning wood directly under the chimney will cause excessive air extraction, and most of the heat released by combustion will be taken away by the exhaust gas through the chimney. Only part of the radiant heat formed by combustion will enter the room, causing a huge waste of energy, and the room can not be heated effectively at all

2. A large number of draughts make the combustion very fast, consume a lot of firewood, and increase the use cost of the fireplace; Rapid combustion consumes a lot of indoor oxygen at the same time, affecting indoor air quality; Poorly designed chimneys will cause backflow wind, causing flames to sneak into the room and sparks to splash, causing fire hazards

3. Due to the fuel pile burning on the ground, a large amount of incomplete combustion (a large amount of black smoke) is caused. Incomplete combustion will produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. When the chimney design is unreasonable (mostly so), some toxic gases will flow into the room

4. Incomplete combustion produces smoke and dust at the same time. When the chimney is not windy or windy weather, the smoke and dust will pour back into the room and pollute the wall top and furniture. If people inhale it carelessly, it will directly endanger their health. Incomplete combustion will produce coke ash, which will accumulate on the inner wall of the chimney for a long time. When it reaches a certain thickness, it may cause chimneyfire. The temperature of chimney fire is very high, which may cause fire hazard

5. When the furnace is not in use, when the outdoor air temperature is low in winter, because the flue cannot be effectively closed, a large amount of cold air in the chimney will pour back into the room, which will not only reduce the temperature around the fireplace, causing energy waste, but also bring the dust in the chimney into the room, seriously polluting the indoor environment

6. At present, most chimneys in China do not use fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials, and the combustion heat may make the inner wall of the chimney change color, or even fall off, affecting the appearance, and cannot be repaired (as long as the fireplace is in use)

7. A large number of chimney draughts will cause negative pressure of indoor air, forcing cold air to continuously supplement from doors and windows into the room. When the radiant heat of combustion is not enough to heat the cold air added, the average temperature of the whole room will not rise but fall




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