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From April 7 to April 16, 2019, the Casaro world design tour group will set out for Italy, the world art and culture center, to experience Italian art fashion in an all-round way, from fashion design to artistic style

in January, the first stop of the 2019 Casaro design tour across the world - the French fashion feast tour has been successfully concluded. Just as the French tour group returned with full loads, the long-awaited Italian stop was finally officially opened for registration

learn about French fashion feast

Casaro's world design tour France station

from April 7 to April 16, 2019, the Casaro world design tour group will set out towards the world art and culture center Italy, from fashion design to artistic style, also travel and learn, and comprehensively appreciate Italian art fashion. So, what are the highlights of this 10 day Italian art freehand brushwork tour

Casaro's design tour across the world Italy station


professional guide takes you to Milan exhibition

an Olympics in the home furnishing industry

as the world's top design exhibition with a 57 year history, Milan International Furniture Exhibition in Italy gathers tens of thousands of the latest design boutiques from all over the world and more than 3000 top brands around the world every year, and is known as the "Olympic" event of the global furniture industry, It is the design holy land of annual "pilgrimage" for professionals in the industry all over the world

Milan International Furniture Exhibition - Casaro's world design tour Italy station

during this study tour in Italy, Ms. antonelladedini, a professional guide, will lead us to this International Design Festival, take a professional route, appreciate the most representative brands and exhibits, and interpret fashion design trends from a professional perspective

professional guide - Casaro's world design tour Italy station

Milan International Furniture Exhibition is based on home fashion design and extends to the fields of architecture, interior, furniture, clothing, accessories, lamps, electrical appliances, jewelry design, etc., which can be called the wind vane of the development and market changes of the global design industry

all the popular designs for the next year and the next year are here


you have an invitation for mutual fans from Marco PIVA

if you have nothing to do, you can also meet a big guy, have a latte and talk about life

everyone can go to Italy, but not everyone who comes to Italy has the opportunity to talk about design inspiration with world-class design masters. During this study tour in Italy, we will visit marcopiva studio, Italian architect flavianocapriotti, dimoregallery home design and other top Italian design companies and heavyweight design masters to have a high-level concept collision

marco piva

marco PIVA studio was founded in the 1980s, and its projects cover large-scale urban projects, architectural interior design, industrial design, etc. As a traveler and designer, as well as an innovator educated in rational methods, Marco PIVA studies and creates design schemes full of freedom of style and soberness of composition

Based on rational skills and unrestrained inspiration, Marco PIVA's design always shocks the world with amazing designs. The efforts of material research and technology, the value of differentiation, and the innovation of design have made his creation the most representative work in the radical design period

comprehensive planning of crystal towers in Arlington, USA

flaviano capriotti

Italian architect flavianocapriotti has been committed to the sustainability of design, quality and life process. Since 1995, he has been active on the international high-end design stage, presided over and participated in the planning and design of Bulgari hotels in Milan, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and his creation covers commercial architecture, residential design, urban landscape, product design, etc

flaviano capriotti Casaro's world design tour Italy station

flaviano capriotti's environment, especially the commercial space, attaches great importance to the shaping of cultural atmosphere and texture, giving people unparalleled high-level enjoyment. The success of several Bulgari hotels has verified his amazing technology, and it can even be said that he has defined the standard of luxury hotels

Beijing Bulgari Hotel


dimoregallery is an extension of the famous Italian architectural design studio dimorestudio in the field of home furnishing. The head designers Emiliano salci and brittmoran examine the details of life with the same keen touch and tell the story and charm of life with unique objects

dimoregallery- Casaro's world design tour Italy station

dimoregallery is a home, a journey, an experience, a dialogue between the past and the present. Bold, unexpected and color saturated design, rich alloy and multi-level creative style. Dimoregallery's works are practical, functional and reliable. Their appearance is poetic and mysterious. They are exaggerated but restrained, luxurious but introverted

dimoregallery- Casaro's world design tour Italy station


tired of shopping, I want to visit the headquarters of luxury brands

well, this is Italy

what is Italy? Many countries have scenic spots and many countries have food, drink and fun, but not every country can become a gathering place for luxury brands. Yes, "luxury" is an internationally recognized label in Italy

extreme craftsmanship, art and enjoyment.

in Italy, luxury is not only a symbol of wealth and taste,

it is also an attitude towards cultural life

in order to have an in-depth understanding of Italian luxury culture and luxury fashion concepts, we will pay a special visit to the headquarters of luxury brands Fendi Casa and Paola lenti for in-depth visits and exchanges

Fendi Milan headquarters - Casaro's world design tour Italy station

Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa Meiju is a collaborative plan extended by Fendi brand with home decoration. In 1984, Fendi created a new product line fendicasa, which made the company an early company to bring luxury design brands into the home furnishing field, and successfully ranked among the eight top brand furniture in the world

paola lenti

since its establishment in 1994, paolalenti has always followed the strategic concept based on research and experiment, which leads the brand to become a model in the field of international design and a fashionable Italian furniture luxury brand all over the world

the originality of each design of paolalenti is reflected in the careful selection and creation of its materials, and in the simple and simple product modeling. No matter the quality, function, color and aesthetic value, it is a classic and eternal work

paola lenti- Casaro's world design tour Italy station


in the ancient Rome square, write down "visit here"

be careful not to be caught by the urban management

on this trip, we will also enjoy visiting the four most famous art cities with the longest history in Italy. From ancient times to the present, we will experience the Italian vacation time of artistic freehand brushwork from Italian scenic buildings to life customs

no matter how many languages are embellished, Meitu is still brilliant after thousands of years

How can we miss Milan Cathedral

artistic creation can be seen everywhere,

the name of the art country is more than legend

the water city of Venice that people want to fall in love

romantic and charming. Are you enchanted

Monte Napoleon Street

buy buy, see top brand layout design

2019 Casaro's world-wide Italian art freehand brushwork tour has now started. It directly hits the fashion front of Milan International Exhibition, talks with Italy's top design, interprets Italian luxury culture and, first person vision, a wonderful tour of European art cities, and quickly join the Casaro tour, Come to a top-level design study tour

due to the influence of uncertain factors such as transportation, current affairs, policies, etc.

the actual journey may be adjusted

learn more:

for registration and consultation, please contact: Ms. Wen of Oushennuo ceramics

Tel: 18988682915 (wechat same number)


registration instructions:

1. This tour group is mainly for professionals in the fields of fashion design, art decoration and so on, with a limit of 18 people

2. The registration fee of the tour group is 23000 yuan (the regular Italian tourism fee is subject to the quotation of the tourist agency). The costs of professional guidance, design company exchanges, luxury brand visits, etc. during the study tour shall be borne by the organizer and followed up by special personnel

3. Due to the large amount of information required for European visa, please apply as soon as possible

4. Registration deadline: March 1st, 2018





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