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[netizen's comments] the 20-year-old house is in tattered decoration. Just look at the adult dirt all over the sky and the ground, and touch the crumbling windows. It is conceivable that everyone who comes in directly turns around and goes out

once Shabby Kitchen

it took me eight months to see famous picky customers with more than 30 houses in the hands of intermediaries. But let this old and dilapidated little house be the final destination of the long house viewing road

I know its existing shortcomings, but I was moved by the house type with a balcony in the south. It can be called a perfect partition, without any waste of area. I was quick and sure that this was the home I was looking for

finished the buying and selling process of second-hand houses at the fastest speed, paid the down payment with the dowry money, advanced the future salary income, and signed a huge housing loan. Then hand over the house, decorate and check in as soon as possible

used to be an old-fashioned bathroom

I'm not a lonely and independent person. I'm ready to fall in love and get married at any time. I don't mind buying a small broken house with my beloved one, and I think it's a very happy thing to repay the loan together for a lifetime. Therefore, I gave myself a single apartment with only 32 square meters in this city, which can be regarded as the highest house price

look at the former bedroom and balcony

the decoration period lasted nearly two months, and the whole process was described as "ecstatic" in eight words; Tearful ". Poor, no money to hire a designer. And I have an instinctive resistance to such things: This is my home. How can others know what I want

the engineering team was asked to clear the package and install it. I fantasize about many compositions in my mind all day and try to realize them one by one. As of the completion, I found that I didn't even have a formal house type map. Unexpectedly, the small house was completely demolished and reinstalled

advanced decoration drawing

Wallpaper - this is the first thing I bought for decoration. After that, all furniture/accessories are purchased around wallpaper

don't buy anything that doesn't match wallpaper, no matter how cheap it is

this completely opposite process of conventional decoration surprised all my friends. Until the day before the wall, some friends urged me to give up this "vulgar" color

but in my aesthetics, why do I think it is so beautiful! When the workers posted the first article, I was very excited

look at the full picture of beautiful wallpaper, my favorite! I really love this wall, haha

the next thing I want to show my face is the second thing I bought: crystal lamp. In my imagination, it would be beautiful to match my wallpaper with a crystal lamp, so I was bent on buying a crystal lamp

is still a very old-fashioned process. Go to the lamp store to see the real goods, and then go online to find bargains. Although it's happy to be half cheaper, what's terrible is that the seller sent a large package of parts, and each crystal must be strung on by his own hand. My hands are clumsy, with tears streaming from June to July

look at the effect of mutual illumination between wallpaper and chandelier

then the third thing I bought: curtains

to be honest, when I buy wallpaper + Crystal Lamp + curtain, I feel that the decoration is over. I didn't worry about anything before. I seldom ask how the engineering team likes to pretend. It's OK to ensure the general quality. I don't care about small details

let's talk about curtains, purple + Rose taffeta, with gold shading cloth. When ordering online, the seller asked me several times: are you sure? Do you want to do this? Do you want to change the golden cloth? This collocation is too bright. No one has done it. Are you sure you want to do this

I like it. Of course, that's it

I'm afraid of getting up early, but the sunshine in my room is too abundant. Make an extra layer of shading cloth, so you can wake up not so early in the morning

look at the curtain, which is quiet and beautiful

it rises with a light wind and shines brightly

one side of the room

furniture - wardrobe + BED + mattress + dining table + bookshelf + coffee table. Take advantage of IKEA's summer sales promotion, and all move back. At that time, it was two o'clock in the morning when I rushed to IKEA after work, bought everything, moved back and lay down to sleep

on the other side of the room

let's take a look at the bathroom. It's very small, only two square meters

I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I spent a lot of time and effort to find a 70 yuan basin and a 280 yuan toilet in the building materials market. I can't stand being cheap and beautiful

I like mosaic, but I have no money to buy it. The cheapest material also needs 130 square meters. You can only buy this kind of COS mosaic brick, which costs only 40 yuan per square meter. The Bricklayer's craftsmanship is very good. It's enough to confuse the fake with the real after being put on the wall

the area near the basin and mirror

as soon as I saw its round and cute appearance, I directly bought it with the "280 special sale" sign on my head

I'm actually a person who loves the sun shower, but I'm really not willing to buy a small shelf towel rack in the storage area. I hate the cabinets made by workers by hand. Now the "cement cabinet" is hot on the Internet, and I don't love it at all. From the beginning, I decided to make a whole cabinet

count. From the first time I entered the door to the end of the payment tomorrow, I almost ran to this cabinet store ten times. Counter offer again and again, modify the sample, select the panel and countertop, and modify the small details after assembly, etc

it is worth mentioning that the first drawing of the cabinet company was too disappointing and very ugly. I sent a fax to my mother, who drew a hand-painted one in anger and sent it back to me. It's amazing how professional and beautiful it is

note: Mom has nothing to do with all design work. I think this shot is amazing. Maybe it's out of the instinctive love of going to the kitchen

note again: later, the update and finalization of the cabinet design draft were completed on the basis of my mother's manuscript

thank you, mom, I love you forever

the precious manuscript of the future kitchen master

the customized finished kitchen cabinet came out with a

pearl white panel, a vintage style handle, and the alternating collocation of two kinds of decorative lines. A lot of thought was spent on the small cabinet

the whole set of windows is finished, including hardware, a total of 2400 yuan

to the last area, the balcony

in fact, the balcony is not small. It is estimated to have four square meters. Enough to put down the washing machine, clothes rack, bookshelf, etc. &hellip& hellip;

at present, I don't have money to buy a washing machine. I can only show you a bookshelf of 129 yuan and a small bench of 19.9 yuan

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