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With the continuous sophistication of home shopping malls, the competition between door and window merchants has also intensified. Companies of all sizes are speeding up the crazy promotion of various festivals. Shortly after the May Day holiday, when the Dragon Boat Festival comes, the major door and window brands have gathered their firepower and are ready to go. So, for the door and window shopping malls, what are the key points to do a good job in promotional activities

how can door and window agents do a good job in the promotion war? Six major hazards should be controlled

first, information transmission

many dealers do activities, only do a few x-stands, single pages, and hang a few hanging flags. Only the customers who came to the store knew that they were doing activities, and many policy customers were pulled away by the advertisements of competitors. When investing in advertisements, we must analyze the audience rate of regional media, so that the advertising investment coverage should be wide and the investment intensity should be generally concentrated

second, policy customers

policy customers are the prerequisite for deciding whether the promotion is successful. If there are not enough policy customers, the promotion activities are difficult to achieve the expected effect. Measure the three specifications of customers: detailed name, address and telephone, clear purchase intention, and volunteer to the activity site

there are four ways to collect policy customers: regular customers who have ordered, customers who have not ordered in stores, customer information of different brands, community promotion and home decoration. After determining these ways, assign the invitation mission of policy customers to the salesperson or all staff, and work out corresponding incentives together, so that all staff can participate in the invitation of policy customers

III. launching training before the activity

the success of the activity cannot be separated from the cooperative performance of the team. In order for everyone to perform according to the established policy, it is necessary to do a good job in launching training, so that all personnel participating in the activity know the policy, understand the content of the activity, matters needing attention and the script of the activity

IV. active air

many door and window sellers are reluctant to invest. In a large store, only two x-stands are placed, and only a few hanging flags are hung at the door. The scale of hanging flags is very small, and the floor stickers are only pasted at the door. It is difficult for customers to feel the active air, resulting in a very low transaction rate

air construction is divided into static and dynamic aspects. The static air construction mainly includes: the floor stickers, hanging flags and x-stands in the store, which can be placed with momentum, and the scale should be large enough and the quantity should be large enough to form a certain visual impact on customers, which will be effective

dynamic air construction mainly includes: store lottery, small games, etc. together, we should be able to hire some temporary promotional personnel to parade around the store or the mall to build momentum. Through this dynamic advertising, customers are forced to automatically bear the promotional information, so as to achieve the intention of advertising and air construction

the success of the activity cannot be separated from the cooperation and performance of the team. We must do a good job in launching training, so that all personnel participating in the activity know the policy, understand the content of the activity, and pay attention to the matters

activity script: because the time of the activity is usually concentrated in a certain period of time, and this time is relatively short, if the participants are not familiar with the content of the activity and the interpretation of the activity script is not smooth, this will lead to a low reception rate, many policy customers are lost, and ultimately affect the role of the activity

v. sales mission and incentives

the number of customers entertained during the activity period increases, and the operation time is relatively long. If the sales mission and incentives are not formulated, the automation and enthusiasm of the salesperson's operation are not high, and simply there is a situation that no one is willing to recruit and entertain customers, and they will not do their best

only when there is pressure on the mission, there should also be tension, and incentive measures to achieve the policy should be formulated for the salesperson. In the case of multiple stores, the mission and encouragement should be formulated by teams, and a competition mechanism should be formed between teams, so as to maximize the potential

VI. supervision and follow-up mechanism

after the launch meeting, the corresponding operations are also arranged, and the salesperson should perform as requested. First of all, we should subdivide the policy and mission into detailed people and detailed time periods, and follow up the performance of the task in time; Supervise and check whether the non essential operation is promoted according to the request; If there are errors in the performance link again, factors should be found and corrected in time; At the end of the trip, good individuals and teams should set an example in time

the competition links built by the camp arouse the wolf nature of the team and ensure that the activities are fully performed. Door and window companies should take time to pay attention to the changes of shopping malls, meet the needs of consumers, and learn to contact the current situation of shopping malls to adapt





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